Top 7 Supply Chain Management Software

Top 7 Supply Chain Management Software

Supply chain is the backbone of business especially in manufacturing and production-based organizations. The components of supply chain are – individuals, organizations, and resources(technologies) all to assist the manufacture and sale of product.

In today’s fast-growing business, good chain management is always crucial for the success and competitiveness of an organization.

Considering the most critical management component, supply chain management includes processes that create goods- transform them from raw material to finished product.

Its primary goal is to have high efficiency in the chain so that organizations can reduce costs and wastage.

Supply change management is involved.

Planning– In planning the supply chain management looks ways to improve deployment and acquisition to decide how product impacts the market.

Development – It involves tie-ups with suppliers to ensure the supply of materials in a quick and cost-effective manner.

Manufacture – The part of the step is responsible for the conversion of raw material into finished products. Apart from this it also includes testing, packaging, scheduling to meet expectations and goals.

Delivery – This part of the step includes delivering the finished product to consumers without any delay. It also involves warehouse logistics and payment collection.

Returns – The answering of customers’ queries and ensuring the return of damaged products is to be picked up from the customer without any delay.

Monitor– The monitoring of the entire supply chain process to prevent any stockout and delay for the product.

In this article we are going to talk about open-source supply chain management software. Its uses and which are free to download.

1. Odoo

It is a comprehensive open-source Enterprise Resource Planning system which has SCM capabilities. It allows users to choose and to integrate the modules they need, like inventory management, and manufacturing.

It offers real time tracking of goods, stock and integration with various shipping providers.

It is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses.

2. ERPNext

It is a powerful open-source ERP software which is use to manage various aspects of business operations, which includes supply chain management by its decentralized databases.

It also ensures coordination between sales, purchasing, and production.

It offers solutions like vendor and supplier management. It also has a reporting feature to help with reports and analytics.

3. Openboxes

Open Boxes is a particular open-source SCM programming intended for medical services and clinical stockpile chains. It focuses on order fulfillment, demand planning, and inventory management. The product gives perceivability into stock levels, termination dates, and item development, which is fundamental in medical care settings where item quality and wellbeing are central. Open Boxes offers an easy-to-understand interface and is ceaselessly further developed through dynamic local area commitments.

4. iDempiere

In addition to finance, sales, and human resources, iDempiere is an adaptable open-source ERP platform. It upholds multi-hierarchical and multi-area arrangements, making it reasonable for organizations with complex store network organizations. iDempiere offers highlights like distribution center administration, acquisition, and deals request handling. Its solid spotlight on customization and versatility goes with it a superb decision for medium to enormous ventures.

5. Demand Focus

DemandFOCUS is a particular open-source SCM programming intended for request arranging and estimating. It assists organizations with advancing stock levels and keeps away from stockouts or overload circumstances. The software makes accurate predictions about future demand patterns by analyzing historical data and employing statistical algorithms. Companies looking to improve their inventory management procedures will find DemandFOCUS to be an asset due to its user-friendly interface and advanced demand forecasting capabilities.

6. inFlow Inventory

inFlow Stock is an easy to understand and free SCM programming intended to smooth out stock administration for private companies. It offers highlights like request the executives, buy request handling, and scanner tag examining. InFlow Inventory generates reports for better decision-making and offers real- time inventory level tracking. Even though the free version has some restrictions, it is still a good option for small businesses that want to improve their supply chain processes.

7. ERP5

ERP5, an open-source ERP system that offers a comprehensive supply chain management solution, is highly customizable. Its adaptability permits organizations to adjust the product to their requirements and cycles. ERP5 covers acquisition, stock, deals, and creation of the board. ERP5 is suitable for businesses in a variety of industries looking to improve the efficiency of their supply chain operations due to its workflow automation and role-based access control features.

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