Mean StackMean Stack  is basically a collection of JavaScript-based web development technologies that includes MongoDBExpressJSAngularJS and NodeJS. MEAN application written in one language from the client and server sides to database execution instances. In addition, the NoSQL nature of MongoDB allows us to quickly change and alter the data layer without having to worry about migrations of data, which is a very valuable attribute when you’re trying to build a product without clear specifications.

Its an acronym for MongoDB, Angular JS,EXPRESS.JS and Node JS that represents a group of technologies which are known to synergize well together. From scratch,   Ajath has succeeded in to deliver customized MEAN Stack Services, resulting in some of the most Leading edge products that ensure the maximum satisfaction to the clients.

Why should we develop the app on Mean Stack?

The major benefit of the MEAN stack is that it’s extremely quick to prototype with. Some more features are listed as below:

Mean Stack  makes the switching between client and server easier.

Isomorphic Coding is possible with MEAN

Highly Flexible


High Speed and Reusability

Open Source and Cloud Compatible


Ajath Infotech Mobile App Development Company Offers -:

One Stop Solutions

Strict NDA

Performance-oriented Robust apps

Enterprise Focus

Incorporated Latest Technologies (NPM, V8, CommonJS)