Coupons SolutionsCoupons solutions have many features , its main feature is marketing . Our coupon solution gives the best marketing and advertising feature for marketer as well as user . It will help the users to engage with the offers easily In other words, it help to promote your business as well by giving huge discount on the product or service. Some times they provide free services to the members for years or more.

Customer will always want to use the feature that is suitable to them , We use coupons and ads that is related to them that for what we aim for. Our coupon  solution and ads save that coupons and use that coupon when it is in  use. We gives many features to save the coupon by email, share with social media or site that would help user to know about the coupon and ads ,because it  will help the user in marketing that will good for them.

87% customers believe that coupon solution is a new way for new  brands to reach them & also help to promote their business.

Advantages of Coupons Solution :

  • Sharing
  • Save
  • Reporting
  • Leads in Customers
  • Navigation & Location
  • Aware & Distribution
  • Great offers
Benefits of coupons solutions-:

At Ajath we make apps in iOS, Android or both. Coupons solutions apps knows about the coupons which are used. These apps share the coupons on social media or ads & help the user to know about the coupons.

Coupons solutions are help the users & also help your business to grow by giving the huge discount because by giving huge discount user attract your services & gives you rate for good service. It will help you business & also make good connections among the users. Many apps provide the discount on first time of booking services & also gives better services. The users gives the rating for the service provide by the apps.