Rama puzzle

Rama puzzle

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  • October 16, 2023


Day-to-day problems require progressive and integrated solutions. Rama puzzle is a nourishing solution to enhance the development of the environment and basic behavioral learning. It is dedicated to nature and creative learning.

It works on integrating a healthy wealthy and learnable natural environment.

Keeping up with nature is faster and easier than ever. Share and connect digitally with the environment, engage with nature and education in real-time.

Rama Puzzle app does more than help you to stay connected with environmental activities and it is a platform where you can learn, do social, environmental activities, and earn with this!


Our goal was to develop a platform that connects you with other people all around the country. The app offers various features like blood donation assistance, tree plantation, quiz, etc. The goal was to inspire others to take part in these noble deeds by encouraging them with Rewards.

Why was the initiative launched?

As of earlier, there were no such projects that would help others and the environment as well to communicate and connect on a single platform for a noble cause.

So to make all these easier and more efficient, We decided to develop the Mobile Application for the Same.


We launched our Mobile Application where Our Team is able to help others connect and help each other and the environment as well for a better future for everybody.

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