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SHUBH LAGAN welcomes you with open arms and gifts you the greatest gift ever “a loving & caring life partner ” to share your happiness & divine your sorrow. We understand your preferences and are committed to finding your compatible match.

We understand the need and importance of perfect matchmaking. The motive is to help minimize your efforts, in not just finding the right match but finding the most optimum wedding solution.

We play an unconditional role by taking this opportunity to Divyang People with tailored requirements and benefits. All the people in our Indian and global community desire and deserve the best of life partners, be in any caste, community, religion, or of any social status, and physically challenged (Divyang) people should not be deprived of this divine bondage and bliss of Godlike relation.


Our goal was to develop a platform that helps single people find their partner in any caste, community, religion, or of any social status. according to their preferences. We had a goal to help Divyang people find their perfect match as well.

Why was the initiative launched?

The initiative was launched to help find people their perfect match specially for Divyang people be it of any cast, religion or social status.

So to make all these easier and more efficient, We decided to develop the Web platform for the Same


We launched our Web platform where people are able to find there perfect match for themselves.




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