IOT in Travel & hospitalityWe are specialised in crafting innovative solutions to meet the business and technology needs of clients across Travel & Hospitality segment. Our innovative and robust IT solutions for the travel solution, tourism and hospitality industry have helped our clients to maintain the quality and exceeds the expectations of their own customers. Ajath has proven track record working with various leading clients in the industry.

Our solutions make smart use of technology to resolve various complexities and challenges that are faced by travel and hospitality companies. Customized for your business, these solutions will bring simplicity and efficiency in business operations and help you deliver a superior experience to your customers.

We understand that best experiences are central to a memorable holiday or business trip and hence focus on customer journey becomes extremely important for us. There is a growing need to think beyond selling seats and rooms in the industry. eHailing for car rentals, unbundling of inventory and ancillary sales have become the mainstay of offerings in the travel industry, owing to the rapid customer demands.

We Serve the following areas:

  • Hotel Companies
  • Airlines
  • Online Travel Agencies
  • Travel Management Companies
  • Travel Software Companies
  • Cruise Lines
  • Restaurants

Ajath Infotech Mobile app development Can help you through the travel Solution app:

  • Digital Strategy & Service Design
  • Omni-Commerce & Merchandizing
  • Booking & Reservations System Builds
  • GDS/CRS Connectivity & Direct Connect Services
  • CRM & Loyalty/Rewards Development & Integration
  • Legacy Platform Migration & Development
  • OTA/HTNG-Compliant APIs
  • Business Rule Engines
  • Mobile Application Development,

Our digital solutions help travel companies to give the travel solution – hotels, airlines, tour operators, rentals, etc., optimize their resources to boost revenue, gain new efficiencies to provide personalized, best-in-class experience to their customers and streamline their processes to cut costs and increase agility. From housekeeping to staff communication and collaboration – our solutions cover the entire business workflow and processes, and help companies leverage new technologies to address their urging needs.