GRG Health

GRG Health

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GRG works from two distinctive in-house gathering of scientists each had practical
experience in quantitative and subjective research.
With a group of experienced scientists and we are equipped for directing exploration extends
in a heap of dialects at moderate cost. We help our customers in choosing the correct mode of
information gathering and our quality measures are unrivalled in the business. We share
noteworthy experiences in the wake of breaking down the information gathered during the
HealthCare Audience Reach – Our medicinal services respondent database is profoundly
profiled and involves Consumer Ailment , Physicians and other Healthcare Professional
GRG has medicinal services respondent database in 59 nations and has a reasonable
portrayal of all forte territories. We guarantee the commitment of our Healthcare respondent
database and thus we have a very responsive respondents through CATI and Online mediums.


For Data Independence, Reduction of Redundancies, Improved Security we have initiated
develop a Lead Management System where the Data will get stored in the Database and Our
Team can easily search any Doctor simply by entering their information in Search Panel.
We also planned to Develop a Project Management Tool where Client will be able to view
their Projects, Team which is assigned to Client’s Project, Work-done on the Project, Client
can communicate with the Team Members and Client can view the Status of the Projects.

Why was the initiative launched?

As earlier, We were following issues while keeping record like Low Speed of Data Entry,
Inconsistency, System Vulnerability , To find any Doctor it takes a lot of Human Effort and
So to make all these easier and efficient, We Decided to develop the Web Application for the


We launched our Web Application where Our Team is easily able to store the data in database
and find any doctor in any location simply by Search them by keyword.
Our Client is also connected with us and able to communicate easily over the Web application
for clear understanding.
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