Web OptimizationWeb Optimization is an SEO that is search engine Optimization, it is the new and advance technique to use nowadays to make the websites more efficient , that it will come at a higher in search list.

Basically Web Optimization is a process to making experiments with the websites to make it more efficient in every aspect for a business goals, which will helps in improving the performance of the website. Website owners will implement the A/B testing to improve the performance which will help in improving the customer time , search optimization will make out better results.

The goals for website optimization will totally depend upon the type of the business. Web optimization is essential to generate the traffic and conversions, that will need tool .

The important tools are:

  1. GTmetrix
  2. Crazy egg
  3. Google Search Console
  4. Yoast SEO
  5. Moz
  6. Uber Suggest
  7. User Testing

These website tools will make conversing & attracting the converting website easier. Here are some techniques that will useful for the business the following are:

  • Gzip Compression
  • Combine images to CSS (Cascading StyleSheet)
  • Expires Headers
  • Optimization techniques for page caching

optimization is important in every businesses as it will increase the visitors to the website the effective measures & tools. By web Optimization your website are making it more easier for the visitors to accomplish the search & tasks. It will also helps in improving the speed and make websites more reliable.

At Ajath we theĀ techniques that will influence the 3 factors mainly usability, visibility & conversion for the web optimization.