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Web Optimization is an SEO that is search engine Optimization, it is the new and advanced technique to use nowadays to make websites more efficient so that they will come higher in the search list.

Basically, Web Optimization is a process to make experiments with websites to make them more efficient in every aspect of a business goal, which will help in improving the performance of the website. Website owners will implement A/B testing to enhance performance which will help in improving customer time, search optimization will make out better results.

The goals for website optimization will totally depend upon the type of business. Web optimization is very crucial to generating traffic and conversions, which will need a tool.

The Important Tools are

  1. GTmetrix
  2. Crazy egg
  3. Google Search Console
  4. Yoast SEO
  5. Moz
  6. Uber Suggest
  7. User Testing

These website tools will make conversing & attracting the converting website easier. Here are some techniques that will use for the business the following are

  • Gzip Compression
  • Combine images to CSS (Cascading StyleSheet)
  • Expires Headers
  • Optimization techniques for page caching

optimization plays a very critical role in every business as it will increase the visitors to the website. By Website Optimization, your website is making it easy for visitors to accomplish the search & tasks. It will also help in improving the speed and making websites more reliable.

At Ajath Infotech Pvt Ltd we use the techniques that will influence the 3 factors mainly usability, visibility & conversion for web optimization.

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Web Optimization Use Cases

  • Increase Traffic

    It is simpler for users to find your material naturally through search engines by optimizing your website's content and technical SEO.

  • Increase Revenue Via Conversions

    Increased traffic also increases the likelihood that prospective leads will become paying clients. Additionally, you may build a top-notch.

  • Improved Brand Visibility

    Increased traffic also gives you more chances to promote your business and interact with the proper audience through pertinent content.

  • Improved Brand Reputation

    By always putting the needs of your visitors first on your website, you enhance the reputation of your company. Since your website serves as an extension of your brand, happy visitors can become devoted supporters of your business.

  • Web Accessibility Compliance

    The number of cases under the Americans with Disabilities Act increased by 23% in the US. With regular accessibility audits, you can protect your website from future legal problems associated with web accessibility.

  • Cost-effective Marketing

    Due to the fact that it caters to consumers who conduct online searches for goods and services, web optimization is less expensive than other marketing tactics. Compared to the standard newspaper, TV, or email-based advertising, it offers a far higher return on investment.

Why Choose Us As a Web Optimization Service?


As your web optimization company, we take the time to understand your business needs, demands and expectations. During the discovery phase, we set up a meeting with your key company stakeholders and conduct an initial site review.


The next step is analysis, which covers competitive benchmarking, in-depth site audit, site analytics review, and link risk assessment. In this stage, we collect and analyze all your business data to determine the factors that affect your digital presence.


Once we’ve identified your marketing gaps and opportunities, our web experts will create a 60-day strategic online marketing plan (SOMP). This includes your campaign goals, expected outcomes for each marketing channel, and estimated completion time.


In this phase, we start executing the SOMP. We optimize your web pages and blog posts with high-performing keywords, improve your site structure and manage your business listings.


From the moment you sign up with our web company, we set up a tracking system that allows us to monitor your online progress and understand the impact of your web campaign.


Our web team schedules regular consultations and monthly reports with your project managers to keep you up-to-date with your campaign progress.

Our Web Optimization Process

  • 01
    Optimizing the Mobile Experience

    Therefore, the first thing you should carry out is a fundamental mobile usability test, like Google's Mobile-Friendly Test. Any obvious problems that the test reveals should be fixed. To ensure that each page responds adequately to each screen size.

  • 02
    Improving Page Speed

    Page speed is another recognized Google ranking criterion that has a direct bearing on SEO.You can use a free online tool like Pingdom Website Speed Test or Google's Pagespeed Insights to determine how quickly your site loads and any potential slowdowns and problems.

  • 03
    Search Engine Optimization

    It's not only a strategy to increase traffic. Compared to ads, people favor and trust organic search results more. Google will sign your material if it is of high quality and pertinent to the user's search.Making sure Google is appropriately indexing all of your pages.

  • 04
    Tailoring Website Copy to Drive Conversions

    More than you might realize, the language you use on your website matters. Although words dominate your message, design, pictures, usability, and page speed are all important aspects.

  • 05
    A/B & Multivariate Testing

    You are more likely to discover a big improvement if you compare the original to several versions simultaneously.The rest of your website can be made better using the lessons you gain from single-page tests.

  • 06
    Optimizing User Experience

    Owners of eCommerce and small businesses frequently ignore the overall user experience of their websites. They frequently stress over SEO and CRO yet make little attempt to make their website easier to use.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Website optimization is the process of using tools, advanced strategies, and experiments to improve the performance of your website, further drive more traffic, increase conversions, and grow revenue.

The tools for website optimization are as follows-

  • Pingdom Website Speed Test
  • Google Pagespeed Insights
  • GT Metrix
  • WebPageTest
  • Uptrends Speed Test
  • Dareboost

The things that are needed to be checked for website optimization are as follows-

  • Use a CDN for media files and scripts.
  • Implement Lazy Loading.
  • Use responsive images on your site.
  • Compress your images before uploading them.
  • Reduce the number of HTTP requests.
  • Use a caching plugin (If you use a CMS).
  • Enable browser caching.
  • AMP conversion of high-traffic pages
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