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Developers have always valued the ability to build their applications on integrated stacks of foundational technology. By using a set of standardized building blocks, they can spend more time working on applications that differentiate the business, rather than gluing lots of separate components together.

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Mean Stack Development

Best Mean Stack Development Company

The JavaScript-based framework for creating web apps is the MEAN stack. Document the database with a web framework, The third is client-side. The last one is the web server.

Ajath Infotech is the Best Mean Stack Web Development Company. We have the best team of developers who work hard for their clients. They also provide quality projects for their clients.

There are many advantages to working with mean stack software. , they are as follows:

Free and open-source technologies are in use in its development. It allows programmers to access libraries during development. Developers can also ask questions in communities to find solutions to problems.

Changes between client and server; the default stack only supports one language. Web applications are in through the use of JavaScript. Developers can swap between servers and clients.

Adjustable: The flexibility of MEAN development is one of its main benefits. Both the client and the server will run the universal code. Programmers feel more flexible if they choose to switch frameworks while developing.

We offer innovative and advanced web applications. Developers have years of expertise in this field. Team members are proficient in “mean stack” development. Our team also ensures that we make an application that helps our clients get more engagement. They come up with applications at affordable prices with huge returns on investment

We also ensure that we deliver the project as it gets done. Using a mean stack web development company has a lot of benefits, which are as follows:

  • Responsive : We design responsive and high-performing MEAN Stack solutions.
  • Problem solver : We provide solutions to our client’s problems.
  • Versatile solution : We create solutions that can run on any hardware and software.

Many organizations work on mean-based stack development. Work is done with clients to help them make the best use of mean stacks. Companies like Ajath Infotech provide mean stack development services. They are as follows:

  • Solution provider : We come up with the best solutions for our clients. We also aim to fulfill the requirements of our clients through our development.
  • In-depth- study : A team of experts has in-depth knowledge. They can handle any complex project.
  • Mean stack CMS development : Our developers are proficient in the process and the CMS to keep it secure.
  • Web : Our company tends to create good pages that are effective and robust.

Our developers lend a hand in porting and migration to Mean Stack. It is made easier with the help of NoSQL, etc.

APIs created by Mean Stack API programmers are quick.

The mean stack has a lot of potential in the future.

Mean stack development services have helped them in their businesses. They have created mean stacks. They have used them effectively and efficiently in their business.

Mean Stack is applicable in many areas like finance, real estate, blockchain, etc.

Mean Stack Development has a lot of scope for the future. With the help of advanced technology, it can work smoothly and perfectly.

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In today’s digital era, enterprises look forward to building scalable web and mobile applications optimized for cloud deployment. The MEAN stack is one such framework that makes application development seamless while delivering enhanced results

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Mean stack Development Use Cases

  • PayPal

    PayPal is a sophisticated money-transfer service. It was created using HTML, Templates, and Javascript on both the application and database sides.

  • Netflix

    Netflix is a well-known subscription model that utilizes MEAN technologies. The streaming site uses AngularJS to explore a range of patterns.

  • The Weather Channel

    The Weather Channel is a television network that broadcasts weather forecasts. The Weather Channel also uses to conduct its business.

  • Automatic Data Processing

    Automatic Database Design (ADP) is a recruitment and selection system that relies heavily on huge datasets. It has more than 41000 clients and a million users.

  • Forbes

    Within two months, Forbes created a bespoke CMS based on MongoDB. Within a fortnight, Forbes additionally developed a special site.

  • Trello

    Trello is a web-based assignment and product development application. It has become an Atlassian company that provides a Kanban-style project-listing tool.

Why choose us as a Mean Stack Developer?

Easy To Implement

JavaScript is the groundwork of the MEAN stack, so the implementation is effortless. Developers can choose to use the JS platform to implement the MEAN stack application for streamlined app development using a single language across the entire application.

Vast Technology Stack

With Angular, Express, and Node.js, you get a team of highly skilled professionals. With the MEAN stack, developers can have great expertise in multi-tasking using various technologies. Hiring MEAN stack developers means you have resources who possess specialization in both front-end and back-end technologies.

Enhances Developers Proficiency

The MEAN programming stack is of great support for organizations to enhance developer capabilities. It is simpler for companies to follow a modern approach by adopting the MEAN stack. It helps developers to expand their skill sets to write modern web apps.

Real-time and Interactive Apps

Among various other types of apps, the real-time app engages a diverse set of users. Node.js from the MEAN stack supports the integration of interactive capabilities in real-time applications.

Reduces Development Costs

Every business, irrespective of the industry wants to stay ahead of its competitors. So, they need pioneering web and mobile app development at a lower cost. MEAN.JS is best suited for such businesses as it is open-source and free.

Effective Prototyping Abilities

Every business wants a prototype to test the functionalities as well as user requests. Due to this reason, companies decide to build an MVP. Minimum Viable Product is not only helpful but also a cost-effective approach for prototyping.

Our Mean Stack Development Process

  • 01
    Event-Driven Programming For Web Servers

    Node.js enables module and code reusability between the server side and client side. To eliminate faults, Node.js uses JSON format to enable data interchange.

  • 02
    Asynchronous I/O Concept For Web Servers

    Applications developed over Node.js can reap the benefits of asynchronous I/O processing, which enhances overall responsiveness and efficiency.

  • 03
    Cross-Platform Javascript Runtime Domain

    You can create applications in real time over a unified, single-language framework for both the client side and server side. You can also monitor and track users.

  • 04
    JSON Concept For Web Servers

    Code and module reusability is a great feature of the Node.js framework, which works flawlessly for both client-side and server-side applications. The JSON concept allows the transfer of data across interfaces.

  • 05
    Express Framework

    Node.js applications are built over the Express.js framework. Several popular systems operate over Express.js. It has robust features that are built to develop efficient web development and mobile applications.

  • 06
    Enable HTTP Functions

    Thanks to the simplicity of the platform, APIs can be created over the Express.js framework to render HTTP interfaces. It manages cookies, server requests, and other HTTP elements while extending support to develop integrated interfaces.

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Yes, you will. You are the sole and exclusive owner of the development projects we undertake on your behalf. You have sole intellectual property rights to apps developed from your ideas. We have the necessary paperwork in place to secure your peace of mind.

At Brainvire, we work under strict quality guidelines. We have formal processes in place to ensure quality control. Our first-time right philosophy keeps us focused on quality.

Yes, Brainvire is a house of skilled and certified MEAN stack developers. These developers can develop useful and progressive websites and applications based on MEAN. These developers can include the right features and functionalities in this JavaScript-based framework.

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