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B2B eCommerce App Development

E-commerce Consulting Services

At Ajath Infotech, our approach to eCommerce website development is like art. Our professional eCommerce website development team has been in the industry since the turn of the decade, creating successful online stores with customers who have remained loyal over the years. What is our secret? First, we create online stores that provide a safe shopping experience. Customers want to know that as soon as they enter their credit card number on your website, the purchase will arrive on time and most importantly, the credit card number will not be stolen. We provide excellent encryption for all e-commerce sites and it increases the credibility of your business. We also develop visually appealing e-commerce pages that attract customers. Proudly showcasing your company’s products and services, we’ve found over the years that plain and simple e-commerce websites bring millions of unique visitors to your online store every month.

At Ajath Infotech, we believe that your online store can only be successful if our team of online store developers works 24/7 to ensure that your online store never goes down. Our eCommerce website development services not only ensure a safe checkout for our customers but are also very affordable. So if you are starting a new online store, we are here to help you develop a profitable online store that will bring in lots of new customers and increase sales!

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E-Commerce Consulting Services Use Cases

  • B2B e-Commerce

    As more and more B2B buyers expect a digital shopping experience, B2B companies are facing new pressure to rethink their digital channels. These brands need flexible and fast technology that allows customization and is easy to use for business users.

  • B2C E-Commerce

    To keep up with ever-evolving customer expectations, you need an agile solution with an open ecosystem that allows you to quickly and easily make changes and develop new touchpoints and experiences without straining your budget.

  • Multi-business Models

    Running successful businesses in B2B, B2C, and beyond is hard enough. Add separate trading platforms for each trading business model and it can be overwhelming, time-consuming, and expensive. With Elastic Path, you can manage your unique business with different models on one business platform.

  • E-Commerce Marketplace

    Online Marketplaces and Enterprise Marketplaces are digital business platforms that showcase products from multiple suppliers or vendors. The organization can sell its own products and offer products from third parties.

  • Re-platforming

    Replatforming has its own challenges. You are introducing a new, perhaps unfamiliar technology. You have interests to please. You have to run your business due to costly downtime. Yes, remodeling can be scary, but with a good partner, you're halfway there.

  • Groceries

    To reduce the time between placing an order and having it processed, grocery manufacturers and suppliers work with perishables and use digital sales channels to enhance customer experience.

Why Choose Us As a E-Commerce Consulting Services Company?

E-Commerce Web Design & Development

Your online store is more than just a website. It is your brand's point of contact with the rest of the world. Our top engineers and UX/UI designers deliver custom solutions that consistently exceed our client's expectations. We deliver unique value and advance your business through talent, technology, and quality delivery.

Custom Modules, Plugins & Applications

Some plugins and modules can be a complete game changer for your online store. Work with a team of experts to develop all the components, modules, plugins, and apps you need to take your website to the next level, while your core team continues to perform their normal tasks and produce your store.

B2B & B2C E-Commerce Websites

B2B shopping portals and B2C marketplaces are two of the most popular and fastest-growing e-commerce models today. To help you stand out from the crowd and create the best e-commerce platform for your business, we provide you with a customized team of experts with extensive experience in the field or industry of your business.

Maintenance, Support & Consulting

When we say we cover your eCommerce project from start to finish, we mean it. Our maintenance, support, and consulting services are designed to help you solve and prevent problems and potential problems with your e-commerce website. This way you can avoid downtime and continue to accumulate quality results.

Upgrades, Updates & Migrations

If your current technology is hindering your website's growth, you know it's time to make a change. Refreshing, refreshing, or migrating your e-commerce website to the latest technology available can dramatically change your workflow and create countless business opportunities for your website.

API, ERP, CRM & Third-Party Integrations

Technology is more effective when it works together. Properly integrating your e-commerce website with an API, ERP, CRM or third-party platform is the best way to extend the capabilities of your system. If you want information management and capitalization to be advanced, integrations are the right choice for your store.

Our E-Commerce Consulting Services Process

  • 01

    We start by understanding the business objective. We design strategies based on your brand goals.

  • 02
    Designing & Blueprint

    We understand your expectations by creating a plan and designing your website.

  • 03

    Our e-commerce developers demonstrate their skills using various techniques and tools to build your e-commerce platform.

  • 04
    Testing & Deployment

    We check the final functionality, security, compatibility, and usability of your website. As soon as it passes the test, we can publish it.

  • 05

    We provide valuable support services to ensure your website is updated with the latest technology.

  • 06

    Once your site is ready and deployed you need to promote it and get audiences and continue improving it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A number of variables, including the complexity of the software, affect how much an eCommerce app costs.

  1. Updated features list Requirements for the app's fixes
  2. Apps installed on your device or server
  3. You can get in touch with us here for additional details about the price.

For a number of reasons, you should think about outsourcing eCommerce application development to an Indian business. Here are a few of the main advantages:

  1. Cost reductions. Indian enterprises are a tempting option for corporations trying to save development costs because they can provide significant cost savings compared to many other nations.
  2. Availability of skilled labour. Since there is a sizable pool of highly skilled professionals in India, you can discover the ideal personnel for your project's requirements.
  3. Scalability and flexibility When it comes to adapting project changes or expanding the scope, Indian enterprises are frequently quite adaptable. If you need to update your eCommerce project, this can be quite beneficial.

These were a few advantages of choosing an Indian business over its western competitors.

Our eCommerce applications do support mobile devices. We create mobile-friendly eCommerce solutions with small business requirements in mind.

Our user-friendly mobile eCommerce applications provide customers on the go with a fantastic buying experience. Additionally, they are search engine visibility-optimized to help you be found online by more customers. Get in touch with us to see how a mobile-friendly eCommerce application may help your business expand.

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