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Mobile App Testing

Mobile App Testing Services

We offer comprehensive end-to-end mobile application testing services for your mobile app as a top mobile app testing business. The current business trend of using mobile applications has led many business owners to convert their physical storefronts into online shops or applications that can be downloaded from app stores.

Mobile app testing services are a need for every mobile application if it wants to compete in this fiercely competitive market. We strive to make your app user-friendly, fully compatible with all devices and browsers, and provide a top-notch user experience. We are the best mobile application testing business.

It is always essential to carry out Android app testing and iOS app testing with updated strategies and techniques in order to provide our users with a high-quality and bug-free application. Here are our experts in mobile app testing who comprehend and address quality-related difficulties and offer top-notch mobile app testing solutions to create robust mobile app testing scenarios to test each application.

Our Quality Mobile Testing Services Include;

Use our exceptional, great, and high-quality mobile app testing solution to get the best results if you are having trouble testing your mobile application, are burdened by several mobile platforms, and are unsure how to test your app across various platforms and devices.

With a proper framework and testing tools, our app testers offer a wide range of mobile app testing services, including mobile automation testing, mobile app security testing, mobile app performance testing, compatibility testing, cloud testing, regression testing, and many more.

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With the help of our mobile application testing services, you can increase the capacity of your in-house mobile app testing team, streamline your QA procedure, and reduce the uninstall rates for your app.

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Mobile App Testing Use Cases

  • Appium

    It is free software for both Android and iOS platforms that automates the testing of mobile applications.

  • Programming Languages

    Python, C#, Java, and JavaScript are all languages we are proficient in.

  • Page Object Pattern

    For the purpose of assuring code reuse and minimizing script maintenance, a Page Object Pattern is essential.

  • BDD Frameworks

    We use Behave, Cucumber, and Serenity to create automated acceptance tests.

  • Jenkins

    Our testers built up a Jenkins Pipeline employing mobile-based automated smoke and regression tests.

  • Cloud Testing Platforms

    For manual and automated testing, we use Firebase, etc. to connect to real mobile devices.

Why Choose Us As a Mobile App Testing Company?

Usability Testing

The Ajath mobile testing team makes sure that your app is convenient for your target market and simple to use.

Mobile Functional Testing

Our mobile testing team will make sure that your app fully complies with the functional specifications and operates flawlessly, including the backend functions.

Mobile Performance Testing

The performance test engineers at Ajath will check your mobile app for any stress, load, scalability, or reliability flaws.

Mobile Compatibility Testing

Our testing specialists can make sure your mobile app offers a flawless user experience and runs without a hitch on all target devices, in the appropriate operating systems.

Mobile Security Testing

To find security flaws in your app and offer suggestions for their patching, Aajth cybersecurity specialists may do penetration testing that simulates a real-world hacking attack.

Compliance Testing

The Ajath team can evaluate your apps to make sure they adhere to official iOS and Android rules as well as relevant industry standards (GAMP, PCI DSS, HIPAA, etc.).

Our Mobile App Testing Process

  • 01
    Analyzing Project Requirements

    Our mobile testing team will review your project's specifications and look for gaps (if any).

  • 02
    Selecting Devices and Planning the Process

    It is simply impossible to test the app on every single type of mobile device due to the exponential growth in the number of these devices.

  • 03
    Designing Test Cases

    Test cases and test suites are created by the mobile testing team.

  • 04

    Our mobile testing team conducts testing and notifies the PM and developers of any bugs.

  • 05
    Analyzing Test Results

    Throughout the cycle, the mobile testing team covers testing results, delivering ad hoc data and test reports.

  • 06
    Compatibility Testing

    Our Testing Team runs without a hitch on all target devices, in the appropriate operating systems.

Our Technology Capabilities


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Frequently Asked Questions

The bugs we encounter most frequently include:

Absence of error handling

  • App failures - Incompatibilities
  • Leaky memory
  • Insufficient password validation
  • Spelling errors in locally adapted apps
  • Interruptions on mobile devices (incoming calls, SMS), - Permission problems

Yes, we use both genuine devices and emulation software. Our mobile app testing solutions combine all three in the best possible way.

In the following situations, we offer mobile automated testing services:

  1. Manual testing takes a lot of time and is mentally taxing.
  2. Some test activities can be streamlined and dissected into logical steps with known results.
  3. Testing necessitates a lot of data.
  4. Compared to manual testing, automated testing is more economical.
  5. We must do several tests at once.
  6. We need regression tests completed rapidly because we frequently alter the code.
  7. Thousands of concurrent users must be used to evaluate a mobile app's speed and performance.
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