Portfolio Description
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  • September 26, 2020

1. Introduction

MyTaxi app is a quick and easy way of ordering taxi. Cars that are available usually dispatch in like 10 mins and than you can track their movement in real time through out the city. The app is current supported in 2 regions of Uzbekistan, namingly Tashkent and Bukhara.

2. Objectives

This project aimed to develop an app that is user friendly, responsive in real-time, lets the user chose their destination, pick the car type(luxury, sedan, hatchback, etc.) , shows fair of the ride, make payment of the ride, shows the car and the driver details while the process of booking.

Additional features:

  • Order a cab without calling the dispatcher
  • Your order is sent directly to the drivers in your area so they reach you as quickly as possible.
  • The app shows all the necessary information about the driver and their car.
  • Track the location of your car on the map 

Why was the initiative launched?

In the region of Uzbekistan, their are little to none at all taxi booking apps, so we wanted to develop an app that would resolve this issue so that the public could book taxis seamlessly and travel with ease. MyTaxi app lets the user book a taxi according to their own choice and preference. 

3. Outcome

We launched our Mobile Application where the user can now book a taxi very easily and track their route side by side in the app integrated navigationsystem. 


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