Biggest Supplier app

Biggest Supplier app

Portfolio Description


Welcome to Garg Global Softech Private Limited, the proud owner of the Biggest Supplier app.

Our virtual platform with a real-life interface offers a one-stop solution for the B2B marketplace. We recognized the challenges faced by India’s B2B trade sector in terms of digitalization and organization, and we have developed the perfect solution – the Biggest Supplier app.

At Garg Global Softech, our mission is to empower businesses engaged in the trade of dried fruits, nuts, and agro products. Through our user-friendly app, we provide a seamless and efficient trading experience, ensuring that you can connect, trade, and grow your B2B chains like never before.

With the Biggest Supplier app, you can access commodities at the most competitive prices in the market. Our app displays real-time rates that fluctuate daily based on the market rate chart. We have also introduced a unique bidding system, allowing you to bid rates according to your specific needs and budget. Once your bid is accepted by the supplier, your new rate will be live, ensuring a hassle-free trade experience without any stress about rates, quantity, or quality


Our goal was to develop a platform that connects you with both branded and non-branded daily traded items, catering to the needs of retailers, traders, wholesalers, and manufacturers. We strongly support small and medium-sized businesses, fostering mutual growth through our inclusive platform.

Why was the initiative launched?

As earlier, We were following issues while keeping record like inconsistency and system vulnerability, to know the status of order, it takes a lot of Human Effort and Time.

So to make all these easier and more efficient, We decided to develop the Mobile Application for the Same.


We launched our Mobile Application where Our Team is easily able to store the record of every phase in application and know the status of any order by entering order id.