Doctor Booking SolutionDoctor Booking Solution is basically developing Online Doctor Booking appointment solution for doctor , clinics , hospitals , pathlabs and nursing homes which is very important nowadays for getting appointment at home or any person can book their appointment anywhere from they want.

This Solution basically provide both technical as well as to innovative ideas that will compatible to the people easily and fulfills  the requirements of the people.The main motive of this solution is to decrease the existing gap between the doctors and the patients which gives reliability , flexibility and more useability for booking the appointment with the doctor which is faraway or it is in neighborhood too including hospitals , clinics , pathlabs and doctos.

Some features of this doctor booking solution are :

  • People can get all the information related to the doctors, hospitals & pathlabs test according to their their availability for booking.
  • People can view and track location on the map of the hospitals , clinics & doctors.
  • At anytime and anywhere doctor can handle their appointment through chat , video chat also.
  • It will help new doctors to can start their career.
  • People can search through doctor name , hospital name and more.
  • If any specialist or doctor having expressive reviews that will help people to find the right doctor for them.
  • This will also provide the emergency services.

For attracting more new patients , a must adopt digitization. There are also many features that doctor having of doctor booking that are easy to use and friendly to use , he can manage the appointments according to his availability .

At Ajath , we have successfully made hundreds of applications and websites on most of the major browser , Smartphone and mobile platform and any one of them is unique . This will help us and gives us the confidence to handle the project according to customer requirements . We just don’t build the project we also help with the designs , strategy , testing & maintainance of the project also.