Cab & taxi solutionsOn-demand cab & taxi solutions provides a taxi service for everyone as per their needs, because it is a best solution for transforming your taxi business to another level also it is very suitable for every one because they  fits in your budget. it is very useful in these days.

The on-demand taxi service means if we want to go somewhere and need a vehicle, we can easily book a vehicle from the categories mentioned and whichever is present in the nearby location we can book them. This is a kind of service which will be provided to you at your doorsteps on your demand.

There are numerous applications have been made for using this service. Some of them are as follows:

  • Ola
  • Uber
  • Meru
  • Mega Cabs
  • FastTrack taxi

At Ajath we provides the solutions for on demand services like Cab & taxi solutions, Laundry Solutions.There are many features gives to the users, which attracts them to use the On-demand taxi service.

Some feature of cab & taxi solutions are mentioned below:

  • Simple registration and login
  • Different types of cars for booking
  • GPS tracking
  • Cashless payment
  • Track your ride
  • Pre-booking facility
  • Promo code and Cash back feature

The apps are available for both the users i.e., Android and iOS. However,  there are large perks from this application and also this is available for the users who are using this service via their applications and for the admin. Therefore, those perks are given below:

  • Boost  ROI 
  • Actual time Connectivity
  • Customer feedback
  • Rise automation

First os all, it is very easy to use & operate because you can book your ride with your mobile phone & also you can book it from the website. Furthermore, you can use it in both platform iOS as well as Android & it is also for driver as well. You can also pool your ride which gives you discount of 50% on your ride. In other words, you carshare your ride with your friends, also they gives you offers if you book the ride first time. Hence, it is new rise in technology & provide the good services to the customers. They also provide many services in the car like you can listen music & also watched TV as well.