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Ajath Infotech is a globally recognized Inventory Management Software Development Company delivering top-quality automatized services to manage the inventory of small, medium, and large companies.

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Inventory Management Services 

Inventory Management Services

Understanding what you have, where it is stocked, and how much you will need is the key to an effective inventory management company. But it’s easier said than done. Ajath is most useful in this situation. Ajath employs a multi-echelon strategy for inventory management to help today’s interconnected, global corporate operations avoid stock shortages and boost supply effectiveness.

We have more than a decade of expertise managing inventory for hundreds of market-leading businesses worldwide. Through best-in-class procedures and extremely effective solutions, we assist customers in streamlining their inventory.

Our extensive inventory management services include the following:

  • Inventory Planning
  • Replenishment Services
  • Material Optimization (Daily, Weekly, Monthly)
  • MRO Inventory Planning
  • Kanban/Two Bucket System Implementation
  • JIT Implementation
  • Inventory Cost Accounting
  • Warehouse Operations Optimization

Improving the Inventory Lifecycle

In order to increase efficiency throughout the value chain, Our experts assist you in optimizing and managing all the elements of your inventory operations, including cycle stock, safety stock, pipeline, and pre-build inventory.

We as an inventory management company make your brand agile enough to respond to sudden changes in demand without sacrificing the quality of your services by using a variety of tried-and-true inventory management techniques. Our experts assist you in enhancing supply efficiency and customer service standards by utilizing time-phased demand signals and Just in Time (JIT) strategies. Our inventory management companies have a to better plan your inventory so that you have the appropriate goods, at the appropriate time, and at the appropriate location. We collaborate with you to enhance cash flow, better credit management and improve inventory cost accounting in order to release precious working capital that is locked up in inventory.

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Inventory Management Services Use Cases

  • Better Inventory Accuracy

    When you have effective inventory management, you are aware of what is on hand and only order the number of goods required to satisfy demand.

  • Reduced Risk of Overselling

    To avoid overselling products, inventory management makes it easier to keep track of what is available and what is back-ordered.

  • Cost Savings

    Until it is sold, stock costs money. Transportation, processing, and storage fees, as well as personnel wages, are all considered carrying costs.

  • Avoiding Stockouts

    A company can carry less inventory and reduce the number of days an item is out of stock through improving planning and management.

  • Great Insights

    You can simply identify sales patterns, keep track of recalled goods, and monitor expiration dates using inventory tracking and stock control.

  • More Productivity

    Effective inventory management techniques free up time that may be used for other purposes.

Why Choose Us as a Inventory Management Services?

Centralized Storage

It has the feature of storing all goods and also tracks the availability of different products. It also offers the service of managing orders and delivering the right products to the right customers.

Low-Cost Stock Operations

This feature helps in staying informed of all the products which are in stock. It saves time and effort and there is no need to run the warehouse to check the availability of any product if its demand occurs.

Increased Sales Volume

The business operation which is performed is effective and there has been a reduction in reporting manual mistakes. It delivers products on time and there is also more customer retention.

Order Rate Adjustment

It helps in preventing overstocking and shortage of stock. It also offers assistance in tracking actual stock supplies. There is also a well-timed replenishment with the elimination of product wastage.

Customer Satisfaction

They are satisfied with appropriate responses, timely delivery, and tailored services. There is also a feature in which customers can track their shipment status and there is no risk of late delivery or product unavailability.

Ideal Planning & Forecasting

You get the chance to plan your business by regularly checking the stock availability and it helps in managing with replenishing stock accordingly. There are analytical tools that help in identifying trends and opportunities.

Our Inventory Management Process

  • 01
    Analysis of Requirements

    It is the first step in which the requirements of the client are comprehended and a solution is proposed after seeing the requirements.

  • 02
    App Development Consultation

    The second step is to identify your competitors and goals are established with objectives. Feedback is also given.

  • 03
    Wireframing & Designing

    It is the third step in which the blueprint structure of the idea is made by wireframing each screen and the app is also designed.

  • 04

    Next is the development phase where the coding of the app is done. After the development is done feedback is given.

  • 05

    The fifth step is in which the application is tested and ensured that it is 100% bug-free. final approval is given if it is done correctly.

  • 06

    The last step is when the app is deployed to the server and also the app stores in which it is made available for users.

Our Technology Capabilities


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  • 90% Client Retention
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Inventory management software efficiently tracks and manages the purchase, manufacture, and sales of inventory of companies without involving manual labor.

Our company enters into Non-disclosure agreements with your company before starting the analysis of your business needs.

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