bot developmentBot app development An Internet bot  is a software that performs an automated task over the Internet.Specifically, a bot is an automated application used to perform simple and repetitive tasks that would be time-consuming, monotonous or impossible for a human to perform.

We provide highly sophisticated and intelligent chatbot solutions that can be implemented into various domains such as e-commerce, entertainment, customer support, delivery services or healthcare.

Bot app development can be used for productive tasks, but they are also frequently used for malicious purposes. Our experienced bot developers offer quality services in developing customized bots for Slack or Facebook Messenger.Making a bot on one of these platform can help your business grow in numerous ways-

  • Direct and personal interaction between your brand and customer
  • A single bot can interact with Android, iOS and Web users. No need to spend on apps for three different platforms
  • Easily Discoverable
  • 24×7 real-time interactions irrespective of location and time-zone of customers
  • It can help slim down Live Chat and a quick responsive too.
  • B2B apps face retention problem. Making a bot can prove more useful.
  • Bots can also offer push messages through FB messenger, Telegram etc. making it a great marketing tool
  • You can display images, links and CTA buttons, providing a rich experience to the end user.
  • Bots are one form of Artificial Intelligence which is a latest technology and a foundation to future business.

Ajath Infotech Mobile App Development Proficiency

  • Customer Service Bots
  • News Bot
  • E-Commerce Bots
  • Banking & Trading Bots
  • Food Ordering Bots
  • FAQ Bots