Our DevOps consulting services will accelerate your journey in this competitive world. We believe great ideas deserve great implementation. We ensure this by delivering stability, reliability, and cost-efficiency of DevOps Services to companies worldwide.

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DevOps Services

With constantly evolving technology and advancing time to market, information technology must constantly evolve. However, we have experienced that there is a lack of communication and cultural balance between software operation and development; the existence of silos between two teams, a lack of agile delivery to drive software-oriented innovation, a lack of DBAs in release cycles, and a poor holistic view of the continuous software delivery value chain. This is where DevOps comes in, as its culture is based on bridging communication gaps between Operations (Ops) and Development (Dev) to improve productivity and collaboration.

Enterprises must have DevOps services and solutions to improve software performance. Our solutions also ensure the high reliability and usability of the software, providing effective DevOps as a service. You can even outsource DevOps services from Ajath Infotech which will benefit from the integration of existing teams. Our flexibility, affordability, and service make us one of the best DevOps companies in India. Using DevOps, you will experience continuous integration that improves quality and time, faster response to customer requirements, manage complex infrastructures and systems to minimize risk, improve team collaboration, improve turnaround time and product quality, meet IT requirements, increase time to marketing, improve infrastructure security and deployment security and reduce production costs for both startups and established companies. With well-designed DevOps services, you can stay ahead of organizations that manually modify and deploy their systems. Instead, we use advanced technology to integrate, track, deliver and provide infrastructure for software projects.

Benefits of DevOps

  • Reduced Deploy Time : Mining companies are looking for different platforms to facilitate the time phase. DevOps can help reduce time, which allows development and testing in less time. For the automation process, quality control strategies are not required to address incremental improvements in model testing. To see the most promising results, the coding team can integrate directly with the exclusive results. It also helps to automatically optimize the business for better production.
  • Enhanced Recovery : Infrastructure tools are the most important when installing a DevOps tool. It is 100% flexible and fully used in less time through continuously developed systems. In this way, a failover strategy is easily achieved and data recovery is also possible in emergency situations. At the starting point, the service is executed successfully without complications.
  • Rapid Solutions : In addition to capability, DevOps provides a prerequisite for successful code deployment and support. As a result, many experts are moving to 100-head DevOps implementations. It is a scalable solution to fix errors in a single process. From small-scale industries to larger industries, DevOps is the most important means to capture the best from the IT team. With the DevOps toolchain, 100% manipulation is possible for cutting-edge success.

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DevOps Development Use Cases

  • Online Financial Trading Firm

    At the financial trading company, testing, building, and developing technology was automated. Thanks to DevOps, the deployment was completed in 5 seconds. Employees were forced to work late and on weekends during these assignments. The whole process took less time and increased customer interest.

  • Network Cycling

    Deployment, testing, and rapid design tripled. It was no longer difficult for the telecommunications service provider to update information security updates, as previously this was done only every three months. The new version of online cycling has been released through implementation and planning.

  • Manufacturing Industry

    Employees have used DevOps to help automakers identify defects and increase production, which was previously impossible.

  • Aviation Industry

    United Airlines saved $500,000 by moving to a continuous testing standard thanks to DevOps. It also expanded the amount of code covered by 85 percent.

  • Bug Reduction

    DevOps has reduced defects by up to 35 percent and pre-production errors by up to 0 percent in several situations. Rabobank was able to deliver higher-quality applications to its customers in fewer time thanks to DevOps, which significantly reduced the time required for regression testing.

  • Team Collaboration

    Transparency is essential for better decision-making and increased resource efficiency. DevOps allows teams to be more open about their applications and software development. Large project tasks are divided into smaller tasks that are assigned to different groups or individuals within the organization.

Why Choose Us As a DevOps Services Company?

DevOps Team Extension

Forget the stress of expanding your team. Save time and money by using our experienced DevOps engineers as an extension of your team.

Cost Optimization

Reduce costs, work more efficiently and get the most out of your investment by modernizing your infrastructure and optimizing your resources.

Increased Reliability & Scalability

Scale your business by leveraging your infrastructure and development processes at scale, and managing complex or changing systems more efficiently.

Streamlined Delivery

Improve release cycles for all types of applications. Ensure stable and automated processes to enable better risk management and better code quality.

Advanced Security

Shift your security practices to a proactive approach by leveraging the full range of features from leading public cloud providers.

Improved Collaboration

Build more efficient and accountable development and operations teams and connect their workflows to reduce inefficiencies and save time.

Our DevOps Services Process

  • 01
    DevOps Assessment

    Our DevOps consulting service is one place where you can analyze where you are and where you can be. It evaluates current knowledge, checks your existing infrastructure, lists redundant tasks, etc.

  • 02
    DevOps Automation

    After reviewing your current setup, we can help you create an automated continuous delivery pipeline using our Lean methods.

  • 03
    DevOps Management

    You can count on us to do more than just automate your processes. We are also able to maintain a continuous supply pipeline in good condition.

  • 04

    DevOps Automation not only contributes to the software development lifecycle but also helps your company reduce risk and lead time.

  • 05

    Get more out of DevOps virtualization. By moving IT teams and developers to use the same network environments, you can also reduce costs.

  • 06
    Code Integration & Inspection

    From reducing code complexity to reducing duplicated code, continuous integration improves code and ensures quality.

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