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Home Automation Development

Home Automation Development Services

IoT or the internet of things is an enhanced and futuristic technology that allows us to control hardware devices with the use of the internet. In-Home automation, we introduce the use of IoT in order to control home appliances.

The process of controlling varied appliances, machinery, industrial processes, and other applications using varied control systems and also with less or no human interference is termed automation. There are various types of automation based application they can be classified as home automation autonomous automation, building automation, etc.

Applications of home automation

There are a number of possibilities when we speak about the automatic controlling of Home Applications such as :

  1. Smart locks and switches
  2. Enhanced safety and security.
  3. Appliances such as ACs and lights.
  4. Water and air quality control and monitoring.
  5. Smart home appliances


WHY IoT for Business

IoT is not just confined to home automation but can be used to your advantage at Business too. The benefits are

  1. Security and Monitoring become easy.
  2. Convenience in managing business
  3. Manages the user identity
  4. Easy management of Abundant data

Our Initiative in IoT

Ajath Infotech Pvt Ltd is a software-based and product-based engineering services organization concentrated on developing Internet of Things (IoT) enabled products and solutions for the smart connected world. We work with product makers, system integrators, and service providers across different fields such as consumer electronics, smart homes, intelligent buildings, smart cities and industrial automation. Industry solutions from Ajath infotech Pvt Ltd are developed with deep customer insights and end-user inputs. The solutions help our clients step up innovation, expand productivity, cut down cost, and optimize asset utilization.

Why US?

On-Demand consultation and Ideation

  • Better Living Conditions


  • Adaptability to Emerging Technologies


  • Simple Performance Monitoring


  • Home Management Insights


  • Enhanced Appliance Performance


  • Reduced Human Effort


  • Improved Domestic Security


  • Improved Energy Effectiveness


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Home automation technology converts a regular home into a smart home. We can help you with that and try to fulfill your expectations.

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Home Automation Development Use Cases

  • Solutions for IoT Home Automation

    The creation of Internet of Things (IoT) home automation components that use IoT cloud-based services to store, process, and analyze streaming data from gadgets and programs.

  • Solutions for Smart Home Management

    We create user-friendly user dashboards for home automation management with scheduling features, as well as data intelligence modules with home automation software to track history and analyze power use.

  • Software Integration Embedded

    We create embedded software integrations for home assistant automation systems that use SOAP and REST protocols to link smart appliances to in-home servers.

  • Specific, globally discoverable software

    To make wireless and smart devices discoverable over Wi-Fi networks, we build unique Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) protocols.

  • Home automation device software

    We design software for devices that have acceleration, gyroscope, camera, motion coprocessor, GPS, and sensor capabilities. We also create home automation systems with plug-in modules and wired devices as features.

  • Control Software Development at Home

    To operate lighting, irrigation, cameras, alarms, gates, climate, energy, garage doors, entertainment systems, water, and door locks.

Why Choose Us As a Home Automation Development Company?

Safe and Secured Houses

No more concerns about an unwelcome guest. The door can be equipped with robbers and alarms that operate by sensing movements thanks to home automation systems.

Comfort and Convenience Advantages

With home automation, a variety of tasks can be carried out automatically, like switching on the lights, turning on the air conditioners, playing music, and many more.

Time-Saving and Affordable

It can be difficult to keep track of all the working equipment at home in today's hectic world. Home automation may be the answer to lessen the workload and save time.

Hassle-free life

Home automation makes it possible to continuously monitor and control the house from anywhere in the world. With cameras and clever real-time video screening, even a continual eye can be kept on kids.

Able to Adapt to New Technology

The ability of home automation to adapt to the addition of additional devices is its best feature. The activation of connected devices is the foundation of how smart systems work. Technology makes it possible to adapt to any new invention.

High Quality

All types of businesses need the proper infrastructure to function, and at Ajath Infotech, we recognize this need in all of its facets.

Our Home Automation Development Process

  • 01
    Deciding the App

    You should choose the features you wish to add to the application before beginning the development process.

  • 02
    Choosing Method

    It's crucial to pick the right channel when integrating home automation because there are many different types available.

  • 03
    Identifying the Data Storage

    Data must be kept in a suitable location where it can be frequently maintained and the likelihood of inconsistency and redundancy is minimal.

  • 04
    Planning the UI Design

    One of the key elements in creating a home app is UI design. It must be easy to use and intuitive.

  • 05
    Integrating Security Features

    Plan the security components you want the home app to incorporate. Hackers may utilize the Home app in a number of situations to access the devices in your house.

  • 06
    App Compatibility

    You must also choose mobile devices, mobile apps, and other devices that will work with the Home app.

Our Technology Capabilities


Fortune 500 Home Automation We have worked with!

Why Choose Ajath InfoTech?

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  • High-quality Solution
  • Transparent Billing
  • Certified Developers
  • 90% Client Retention
Frequently Asked Questions

You must first identify your company's objectives, vision, and target market. Even if you don't have a clear idea of what your smart home app will look like, we advise locating a trustworthy group of app development experts who can assist you in drafting a technical specification. A technical specification is a document that outlines every aspect of a future project, from wireframes to technology, features, and third-party connectors.

Through protocols, data is exchanged between smart home applications and devices. Wi-Fi, Z-Wave, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Thread, and Universal Powerline Bus are some of the protocols available (UPB). Your needs and the scale of your IoT ecosystem will determine the network you choose. Please get in touch with us to schedule a consultation if you'd like to learn which protocol is ideal for your project.

You may hasten the development of your smart home apps in a number of ways. First and foremost, I advise outsourcing development. You won't need to waste time attempting to find the ideal team for your project because you'll receive one in a matter of days and save time on project management, hiring, and other tasks. The second thing I'd advise is, whenever it's feasible, to employ off-the-shelf and cloud solutions. Hiring several developers to work on your smart home app at the same time is another option to speed up development.

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