Home Automation

IOT or internet of things is an upgraded and step ahead technology that allows us to control hardware devices through the internet. In Home automation,  we propose to use IOT in order to control home appliances. This system uses three loads to demonstrate as house lighting and a fan.

The process of controlling various appliances, machinery, industrial processes, and other applications using various control systems and also with less or no human intervention is termed as automation. There are various types of automation based on the application they can be categorized as home automation autonomous automation, building automation, etc.

applications of home automation

There are a number of possibilities when we speak about the automatic controlling of Home Application such as :

  1. Smart locks and switches
  2. Enhanced safety and security.
  3. Appliances such as ACs and lights.
  4. Water and air quality control and monitoring.
  5. Smart home appliances

WHY IoT for Business

IoT is not just just confined  for home automation but can be used for your advantage at Business too. The benefits are –

  1. Security and Monitoring becomes easy.
  2. Convenience in managing business
  3. Manages the user identity
  4. Easy management of Abundant of data

Our Initiative in IOT

Ajath Infotech Pvt Ltd is a software and product engineering services organization focused on developing Internet of Things (IoT) enabled products and solutions for the smart connected world. We work with product makers, system integrators and service providers across different verticals such as consumer electronics, smart homes, intelligent buildings, smart cities and industrial automation. Industry solutions from Ajath are developed with deep customer insights and end user inputs. The solutions help our clients accelerate innovation, increase productivity, reduce cost, and optimize asset utilization.