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ICO Development Services

ICO Development Services

Initial Coin Offering briefly referred to as ICO, is one of the hottest funding tools for businessmen whose companies centered around cryptocurrency and blockchain resources. Any business, particularly start-ups, would need a consequential amount of capital to kick-start their venture and secure a position in the marketplace for themselves. ICO production is a structure in which businesses collect money by making and exchanging coins/tokens in return for investment.

At Ajath Infotech, we serve as facilitators for start-ups aiming to launch their exclusive ideas through the ICO crowd sales crypto token platform. Our end-to-end digital marketing attempts ensure that ICO is fully marketed leading to real token transactions, thereby helping to meet funding goals. We always appoint committed group managers a very important position that answers all questions instantly and responsibly.

Such facilities shall include:

  • Creation of Blockchain
  • Production of Smart Contract
  • Guidance on regulatory enforcement
  • Testimony on Ads

We kickstart start-ups from scratch and successfully gather money via the ICO website.

ICO Consulting


Our Silicon Valley-based market appraisal experts classify initiatives and include candid reviews to help reframe and reposition in order to execute a profitable ICO program. We’re providing tips on selecting a platform stack.

White Paper Creation

Based on our in-depth conversations and space analysis, we have created a very comprehensive White Paper that supports fundraising. We may also assist with the development of a Professional Paper on writing, which further helps to build a start-up’s reputation and funding profile.

ICO Website Design and Development

We are creating websites that run ICO promotions. We can configure the platform to get individual, pre-ICO and ICO funds. The application can be tailored for different rounds of financing. We can build a specific Pre-ICO Landing Page that will later become a daily company website.

ICO Marketing & Promotion

With the huge number of ICOs entering markets every day, it really has been an uphill challenge to thrive and gain investors ‘ interest & money without a really focused marketing strategy. We help ICOs thrive and gain consumers on the site through our end-to-end digital marketing services such as ICO SEO, ICO Community Building, etc.

Coin Creation

We write codes to make custom coins for a project that are also ERC20 compliants. If the coins are to be pre-mined, mined later or mixed, we will assist with the needs of the group.

Wallet Creation

Developing a wallet is the secret to accepting the proceeds of crowd sales tokens. We’re helping with custom wallet creation that can observe several cryptocurrencies.

Bounty Programs

We will help you build Pre-Bounty services to maximize the existence of your cryptocurrency project on social media. Through our Post-ICO Reward Projects, we assure that the ICO idea continues to develop through audience feedback.

Token Distribution

We can construct the whole delivery mechanism of the token. Based on the project strategy, we can either move the tokens to the collection of funds or, subsequently to the cooling time. In addition, we may clarify the sales process by deliberately designing reward plans, loyalty systems and promotional incentives for coin holders.

Characteristics of an ICO include:

  • Participation in the initiative, the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) or the economy.
  • Coin ICOs usually sell involvement in the economy, while token ICOs sell ownership rights or dividends to a project or DAO.
  • Owning tokens does not necessarily grant the investor the right to vote on the course of the project or the DAO, with the investor’s rights contained with in the framework of the ICO, but the investor will usually have input over the life of the project.

Why US?

On-Demand consultation and Ideation

  • Coin Structure


  • Token Supply Total


  • Initial Supply


  • Token Distribution


  • Bonus


  • Block Timing


  • Hash Algorithm


  • Deployment


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ICO Launch Development Use Cases

  • Complete Recovery

    Users occasionally claim that they have misplaced their tokens. However, that won't be the case if Ajath Infotech is working with you because we'll create special access codes for your ICO.

  • 100% Execution

    For its clients, Ajath Infotech creates distinctive ICO tokens. Additionally, these tokens offer 100% execution. As a result, you will see exponential growth in money.

  • Decentralization

    One of the greatest blockchain solutions is offered by Ajath Infotech. As a result, there won't be any danger of cyber fraud with our ICO development services.

  • Data Protection

    The expert ICO developers at Ajath Infotech are also adept at creating a variety of different sequences that reduce the likelihood of hacking.

  • KYC Verified

    Ajath Infotech reduces the likelihood of cybercrime by utilising integrated KYC verification and document validation services.

  • Irreversible

    The likelihood of fraud is decreased by using blockchain technology because the data is non-removable. Anyone can easily be exposed for copying another person.

Why Choose Us as an ICO Development Company?

Vast Expertise in Blockchain Technology

We have a team of people who have expertise in the field of blockchain technology.

Maintaining a Highly Secure

We aim to maintain the information of the user confidential and keep it secure.

Simplified Funding Concept

We follow the simplified funding concept in the development of ICO launch.

Comprehensive Analysis & Reporting

Our team performs a comprehensive analysis and also reports to the high authority.

Utmost Transparency Maintained

We also aim to provide transparency in every task that we perform in the development of the ICO launch.

Follow Agile Working Process

We also follow an agile work process that helps during development.

Our ICO Launch Development Process

  • 01
    ICO Planning & Analysis

    When a business intends to start an ICO, the business model must be carefully examined and researched. Market analysts assess the idea's viability and applicability and try to determine whether it genuinely has the potential to draw investors.

  • 02
    Whitepaper Report Creation

    The development of Whitepaper reports follows the initial ICO ideation phase. A very important phase in the launch and development of an ICO is the creation of an authentic and successful whitepaper.

  • 03
    ICO Website Designing

    Another important duty is creating a user-friendly, simple-to-navigate ICO launch website. The thoughts of the investors are immediately captured by a website that offers pertinent and convincing information, drawing them to the ICO.

  • 04
    Pre-ICO Marketing Services

    As crucial as it is to develop an ICO, it is also critical to advertise and promote it on suitable platforms. A helpful and attractive ICO website is rendered useless if no one knows about it. The promotion of the ICO launch website through online digital channels like LinkedIn, Telegram, YouTube, etc.

  • 05
    ICO Token Evaluation and Development

    The Ethereum dApp development seems to be the ideal contender for ICO launch and development, even if ICO apps and ICO coins can be produced on any Blockchain platform. Many businesses prefer to launch their ICOs on Ethereum due to its smart contracts and ERC-20 token capability.

  • 06
    Smart Contract Development

    Smart contracts must be created in order to apply complex business logic for ICO tokens in any dApp that is launched or developed for an ICO. Blockchain uses automated smart contract development to guarantee dependability and transparency.

Our Technology Capabilities


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Why Choose Ajath InfoTech?

  • On-time Delivery
  • High-quality Solution
  • Transparent Billing
  • Certified Developers
  • 90% Client Retention
Frequently Asked Questions

A physical or digital item is represented as a token on a blockchain through the process of crypto tokenization. The asset can be made more liquid, the cost of ownership can be decreased, or new business models can be developed, among other reasons. The asset could be anything, such as a house, a work of art, or a stock in a business.

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) in cryptography stand in for actual items like art and real estate. They are one-of-a-kind, non-replicable cryptographic tokens. These physical goods can be traded more effectively and with a lower risk of fraud by being tokenized.

Superyachts, art, technology, hotels, and other items can all be tokenized. As a result, any company with important assets can easily generate money by selling digital shares to accredited investors through a quick, effective, and legal process.

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