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Pos Application Development

Best POS Solutions Services in India

POS is a device used in transactions by retail customers. . Ajath Infotech is a leading POS Development Company. The software for POS is growing so much. It includes features that allow retailers to check stock and buying trends, track pricing accuracy, and collect marketing data.

There are a few things that a perfect POS system must do for you. First, an adaptable POS system is all you need to maintain your information secure. We have a team of developers with experience. They have worked in this sector for some time.

Some Services are in this sector which is as follows;

POS Inventory System : Managing inventory is a difficult task. We have created POS software that works in production to make storage management user-friendly and feasible.

Operators and Patterns : It provides specialized POS solutions supported by powerful analytical tools that let you examine necessary customer trends and behavior patterns. The operators and employees of retail stores have quick access to all this big data, which enables them to develop plans that will be more effective.

Service-oriented : It can create effective software that helps your insurance business in every aspect. Along with integration, fast policy development, a CRM panel, and real-time data monitoring. are the services they provide.

Unique : We provide unique Retail POS solutions to retail establishments all over the nation. We offer a powerful and centralized retail management platform with features for managing store operations, filing GST, managing inventory, and billing

Tools and Techniques : Businesses can advance customer relationships using CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software. Our CRM software is outfitted with powerful analytics tools, allowing the company to offer clients a seamless experience.

Developers : Developers are proficient in creating POS systems for restaurants that support real-time menu modifications in addition to other forms of payment, including cards, cash, UPIs, PayPal, gift cards, etc. Real-time inventory control for kitchen supplies is another function of our POS software.

Ajath Infotech is an award-winning company. They have worked on POS Application Development for many clients. There are some qualities of a company that anyone should check before they contact them. They are as follows-

  • Simple Invoicing : A simple invoice-handling process is essential for your accounting operations. It is proof that you were able to sell goods or services. The invoice contains the necessary information for the buyer, including the total transaction amount, the number of products sold, and a description of the goods.
  • Well-organized Purchasing : It can schedule upcoming purchases and determine the bare minimum of things your store needs using a POS system. It enables you to monitor all your buys carefully and maintain the proper stock levels in your company to cut losses.
  • Quick Payments : A point of sale lets payments be quick. The customer chooses the items they want from the staff, and the system automatically determines the price. You can use an on-site receipt printer or email to deliver the invoice.
  • Employee Management : It can be challenging to optimize staff time without quantifiable data. Using a POS system may make it simple to manage your staff. It also lets them organize their schedules.

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  • Employee Management


  • Loyalty Programs & Gift Cards


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POS Solutions App Development Use Cases

  • POS System Software

    We create and connect CRM software that manages gifts/discounts, automates the construction of profiles, and provides loyalty programs. Applications for interaction tracking.

  • POS Accounting Integration

    Accounts payable and receivable software development with vendor databases and modules for managing short-term credit. We provide smooth connections with well-known accounting

  • POS Solutions Analytics Software

    Programming of Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) for real-time reporting dashboards, predictive analytics, decision assistance, and data mining to help you.

  • Food Service POS Solutions Systems

    We create and integrate third-party POS systems as well as specialized restaurant and bar POS systems. We offer functions for managing visitors and tables with mobile applications for table-side ordering.

  • Online POS Software

    creating web-based terminal interfaces for messages to be captured and settled, as well as creating interactive voice response (IVR) modules for touch-tone processing for Card Not Present (CNP) payments over the phone.

  • POS Solutions Development

    With a variety of in-demand features, security algorithms, customer engagement modules, and analytics engines, our POS development solutions improve workflows and customer experiences.

Why Choose Us POS App Development Use Cases?


We have extensive experience in the payment industry and we also provide the development of POS terminals, dashboards, and applications.

Utilize New Technologies

We use new and available technologies for development like inventory management, empowering staff, tracking sales, etc.

Skilled and Experienced Team

We have a skilled and experienced team that can help you build a successful POS application.


The apps are developed here at a reasonable and affordable price.

Customizable Solution

We make custom apps for businesses that enhance the app and boost its productivity.

End-to-End Services

When the process is complete it might have some issues regarding the bugs.

Our POS Application Development Process

  • 01
    Launch the Software and Login

    If you're utilizing a PC with internet connectivity, there is no installation needed for web-based POS software like Vend. Open your browser and navigate to the URL for your store. You must download and install the program on your iPad in order to use it

  • 02
    Enter or Upload Your Products

    You would need to set up your inventory after launching the app and creating an account. You can manually enter your stuff into the system if you only have a few things to sell. If your catalog is extensive, consider uploading.

  • 03
    Setup Your User Accounts

    A point-of-sale solution permits you to set up the user accounts and depending upon your solution you also have the option of setting user permission levels which enables or restricts users from assessing certain features or information.

  • 04
    Setup Hardware

    The equipment that you set up varies according to the type of store you set up. Some retailers require several devices like barcodes while for others Ipad is enough. The exact steps for developing retail equipment depend on the specific device.

  • 05
    Setup payments

    You must set up your software so that it detects your payment processor after your payment equipment is connected to your POS system. Again, the specifics may differ based on the payment provider, so to determine what to do, speak with your POS or merchant services vendor.

  • 06
    Connect Your POS App With Other Business Apps

    Integrating your POS system with the apps you already use is one of the finest ways to get the most out of it. If all of the applications you use are "talking" to one another, your retail business will run more smoothly. This is only one of the benefits.

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The other services that we provide are digital marketing, app development, web development, and many more.

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