The utilisation of mobile apps can be consider as part of our automobile marketing strategy. They provide additional functionality and personalisation over and beyond any websites. With Ajath Infotech  car dealer  solutions, customers can now make service bookings from their mobile phones all the time, outside of operating hours.

In turn, the dealer uses the dealer portal to manage incoming booking requests. This whole things automates the management of service bookings. After the launch of the app, you can experience an increase in the number of bookings versus unscheduled walk-ins. Plus the Automated service reminders have reduced the number of cancellations and no-shows.

With the new capability to send customers push notifications of their next-service, loading rates on the service workshops have improved significantly. By targeting promotions sent via the car owners’ mobile app, your applications can successfully increased the number of bookings during off-peak hours as well.


Here are some more reasons why your Ajath provide the Best Car Dealer Solutions in the Market
  • Customizable Layouts

    Layouts and content are all customisable, make changes as often as you would like.

  • Staff Directory

    Native Staff directory with ability for users to favourite staff personal and build their own team of contacts at your dealership

  •  Own a Inventory

    Inventory is built into the app, pulled regularly from your inventory provider that is connected to the server.

  • Tools for Customer

    Everyday tools your users will love; parking meter timer, My Garage, Roadside assistance,  added in the single platform

  • LIFEtime Support

    Need us to make changes for you, update information, training, help with notifications, and whatever you ask for.

Ajath Infotech car dealer app empowers dealerships to deliver above-and-beyond personalized experience via the customers’ smartphone. In addition to compelling customer-centric functions, our cloud-based mobile dealer app gives dealerships a competitive advantage by leveraging location-based mobile technology to enable sales and service staff to send captivating notifications to customers and shoppers smartphones based on proximity to the dealership property.

We caters for small, large, new or used motor dealers; from car, truck, motorcycle, caravan or boat dealership we have the right package customised to your needs.