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  • June 17, 2016

1. Introduction

In the era of digitalization, buying groceries in the supermarket seems kind of backwards now. People don’t have enough time to go out of the house and buy groceries all by themselves. They would rather stay home order a take-out. So its very common now to buy all your groceries online. There are hundreds of grocery venders that sell their product online. So a grocery buying app was very much needed. 

2. Objective

The project aimed to develop an app that would let the user register themselves and buy groceries online. Some other key functions of the app are as follows: 

  • Cart management
  • Payment through various methods
  • Scheduled delivery
  • Different store option selection

Why was the initiative launched?

In the Indonesian region, many stores wanted to list themselves and sell their products online to grow their business. We saw the need and took it as an opportunity to develop an app where the customer can search for a specific product or a store they wanna buy from. 600+ stores are listed on the app now to chose from. 

3. Outcome

We launched our Mobile Application where customers can buy groceries from 600+ stores and get that delivered according to their scheduled time. 


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