IOT Services

The Next Generation of Devices & Technologies

There will be more than 14 billion networked devices by 2020, making it vital to adopt new set of technologies and devices. But how can you embrace them? Lets Help you out:

With product engineering solutions and services expertise to Internet of things (IOT) ecosystem, we leverage disruptive technologies to solve business problems of our customers. Harnessing more sensors, more data and more power to change the way you work and the value you provide.

IoT has tremendous impact on profit trajectory and hence must be approached in the correct way. The main goal of IoT is to gather data that we can use to learn about a business and its customers.  A holistic approach to IoT starts by connecting those devices that can get us closer to our data and provide valuable information. If a device can be connected, we need to understand what business intelligence we can get from it and how to go about creating a plan to capture and distribute it. By Creating a Use case for each device to consider how the data will be made available to the right people, at the right time, in the right way.The Internet of Things (IoT) at its most basic level is the idea of connecting any physical object, or “thing”, to the Internet.

No matter where businesses stand in the IoT, we help them adapt to fit in the unique IoT space. We help companies accelerate the time to value of IoT deployments while building on their existing technology assets. After preliminary assessment of the current landscape, we architect and implement IoT solutions for organisations based on their unique business demand. Our IoT services and solutions are designed to run on technology that is fast, robust, secure and scalable.

  • Compatible with any hardware or cloud platform
  • Local and remote monitoring solutions for IoT devices
  • Industry-focused solution accelerators
  • Global, diverse network of experts
  • Pre-configured solutions that meet industry standards


Why choose Ajath Mobile App Development Company?

Ajath’s IoT solutions allow businesses to focus on outcomes while we facilitate their digital transformation journey. Ajath’s end-to-end IoT solution with coverage over sensors, gateways, cloud, connectivity, user experience, and analytics benefit organizations.

    • Device Management

      Organizations can remove security issues and enjoy safe, stable management of all devices.

    • Edge Analytics

      Decision makers can draw insights from Ajath’s, innovative, real-time edge analytics solutions.

    • Secure Ecosystem

      Businesses can safeguard themselves through Ajath’s end-to-end safety net services for transactions and connections across the ecosystem.

  • Engineering Services

    Ajath’s capabilities and industry partnerships across hardware, software, and the Cloud based organisations to gain a competitive edge.

  • Standards Compliant

    Ajath’s automated management helps enterprises to manage compliance across multiple domains easily.