IOT is a combination of hardware and software technology that produce data by connecting multiple devices and sensors. IOT in healthcare is a wirelessly communicating system of apps and devices that connect patients and diagnose their diseases through that electronic devices. Before IOT, the interaction between patient and doctors were limited and had a communication gap. 

There were many diseases that the doctor couldn’t monitor. When IOT healthcare industry made remote monitoring device it became easy to monitor patient’s health. Now it is possible to keep patients safe and healthy. It also has increased the patient interaction with doctors have become easier and more efficient. IoT also has a major impact on reducing healthcare costs and improving treatment outcomes. IoT undoubtedly has transformed the healthcare industry by delivering healthcare solutions.

Few examples of IOT in healthcare:

1. Headset that measures brainwaves

2. Clothes with sensing devices

3. BP monitor

4. Glucose monitor

5. ECG monitor

6. Pulse oximeter and so on

IoT has some applications in healthcare that benefit patients, families, physicians, hospitals and insurance companies:

IOT for the patient: They have made various devices in the form of a wearable fitness band, wireless blood pressure machine, calorie checker, heart rate checker. IOT has changed the lives of people, it becomes easy to take care of ourselves. 

If you are living with families you can just connect your family through devices and send them a signal for their health routines. So, there is no need to pressurize yourselves for the family in the matter of health.

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IOT for Physician: By using IOT devices like a wearable fitness band, calorie checker etc, it can help the physician to track your health more effectively. Data collected from IOT can help the physician to identify your health and give you the treatment process and outcomes.

IOT for the hospital: Apart from monitoring patient, there are so many IOT devices are useful in hospitals. Devices reduce the time, so we can check another patient within less time. They can maintain hygiene for the patient. 

IOT devices are handy in the healthcare industry. It should be promoted.