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  • August 3, 2023

1. Introduction

Shooter Unknown Battlegrounds (SUBG) is a free to play fps shooter mobile game where gamers can meet and interact with other gamers with similar interests.

It offers survival mode with a classic map where the last standing player wins and a multiplayer mode where players can play in a 4v4 or 8v8 team deathmatch mode.

It has features like appealing graphics, customizable buttons, text and voice chat, anti-cheat engine, customizable weapons. Players can play in solo, duo or in team of 4 players for survival mode and a team of up to 8 players in deathmatch mode.

2. Objective

SUBG app is made to bring people together who are stuck at their homes during pandemic and act as a source of entertainment for them.

  • This app is made so that students and people who are stuck far away from their family and loved ones can interact and have fun with them.
  • By playing SUBG they can feel connected and can spend time with them where they can play as a team or they can play against each other.
  • In this game they are spawned in an island and they have to survive till the end to win the game.
  • Players can customize their own weapon with the beautiful skins and add attachments they like.
  • Players can also join a deathmatch mode where they can play as a team up to 8 placer and have to shoot the enemy team and the team having most kills in the end wins.

Why was the initiative launched?

As there was widespread pandemic going on and people were stuck at their homes and the popular game, they used to play was banned by Indian government so they need something for entertainment and get connected with their family and friends.

In order to help them, we decided to build this mobile application which will help in solving the same.

3. Outcome

We launched our Mobile Application where people can easily play our graphic intensive game and amuse themselves as well as interact with new players with similar interests.

Players can have fun playing this game and experience a battle fight with other players to see who is the best.


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