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  • September 26, 2020


In a world influenced by social media platforms, students needed a platform that was just designed for them and had features that they could use. Shout Campus app was designed with the goal of connecting millions of students across the globe to connect on a single platform. 

Students don’t need to have their peers’ phone numbers, they just need to register themselves on the app, shout out into the app and you’ll be able to connect with your friends nearby.


This project aimed to develop an app that students all around the globe could use. Any student in any campus across the globe could connect with some other student.

  •  The user just needed to shout into the app which would help them find new friends.
  • They could watch movies, youtube videos with friends on the app, and while doing all this they could connect with their peers via audio call or chat on the same screen.
  •  Connect with all your campus mates without having their contact numbers. 
  • Non-Stop connection with classmates only. Share data, graphs, homework, assignments, projects, and other required logistics on the same account. Exclusively saved data for your classmates only.

Why was the initiative launched?

We already have so many social media platforms but not even one of them is centered on one particular user class, hence the initiative was launched. There are millions of students all around the globe and making connections is how you grow your network. 


We launched our Mobile Application where students could register themselves and connect with their classmates, nearby friends, or all over the world. 


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