Google AdsGoogle adward is a most popular advertising online platform represented by google itself where advertisers pay to display their business advertisements , images , services offering by the business ,video and content.It gives the definition like when anyone search for a word on google , Google will throw a  randomly searches for us related to the word for that we search for , although we noticed that are the generally ads.

Basically Google ads offers service of PPC that is pay per click pricing model. And like other marketing biding is used to reach at cost per acquisition. As of now google derives  86% of their complete revenue through trading that is Double click , add exchange and a bid manager.

How google adds work?

Google ads is basically based on the keywords or the content provided by the advisers . Google generally uses these advantages & characteristics to advertising on pages where advisers can think that i should be relevant .Google ads includes all type of distribution as local , international , and national. Google advertisements includes short text content with the headlines of maximum words and can also display the 2 URL of max 15 words each.

Characteristics and the Services :

  • Keyword Planner
  • Advertisements Express
  • Editor for Google advertisements.
  • Add extensions

Google adwords system is basically implemented  by the top MySQL database engine and when it is launched then ORACLE will also being used but eventually MYSQL will use.

There are different types of ads which is used such as :

  1. Services Ads
  2. Search Ads
  3. Shopping Ads
  4. Display Ads
  5. Videos Ads
  6. Business promotion ads

To the conclusion google adward is the best platform for advertising to make marketers reach to their customers instantly.