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Nest Arcade

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Nest Arcade is a mobile gaming platform that makes use of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and blockchain technology. It is based on the Solana network, a quick, scalable, and affordable blockchain that supports decentralized applications and smart contracts, in order to provide its users with a play-to-earn experience.

Since the launch in September 2022. We are committed to giving excellent values and best customer service.

Our team of professionals made this platform so that players will be able to use NFTS to purchase their in-game characters and use them to participate in different Play to Earn games.

Nest is combination of NFTS, minigames, and play to earn are three rapidly expanding multimillion dollar markets that have been combined into Nest using blockchain technology.

And our vision: To be incredibly scalable and easy to launch. Due to its simplicity, it is easy for others to pick up, play, and earn using it.


Nest Arcade is a decentralized blockchain-based arcade that unites millions of blockchain and gaming enthusiasts in a community where they can buy, stake, and breed in-game assets and play them for actual profit in a fast, non-time-consuming way Nest Arcade fulfills the huge demand in three separate multi-billion-dollar markets, including play-to-earn gaming, NFT gaming, and crypto investment.

The platform allows players to own their in-game characters and items as NFTs, which are stored in the user’s wallet and can be transferred or sold on secondary and in-game marketplaces.

Nest Arcade players have full control over all in-game assets, including their high-scores, and can mint their high-scores.

The platform is simple with a light joyful UI, hundreds of gameplay possibilities, and most importantly, blockchain technology.

Why was the initiative launched?

As earlier we were following issues lagging blockchain solutions, owning in-game assets, zero financial incentives, scalability and to make full use for NFT’s, also not every user was able to explore and access.

So, to make all these easier and efficient, we decided to develop this platform and the mobile application for the same.


We launched our mobile Application and website where the one is able to play and earn by playing games.

In users can play dozens of P2E (play-to-earn) games all in one place on the platform. The   platform features skilled-based betting and allows users to bet and earn 2X $NESTA tokens. Users can play with NFTs across multiple games and use $NESTA to make bets playing hyper-casual games. Nest Arcade has partnered with Meta Birds, an NFT collection of 1,600 unique and playable birds on Solana, and the NFTs will be playable characters in upcoming Meta Birds games.








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