Portfolio Description


Exibine is platform that links consumers to international companies (and is an excellent global business network). We link the buyer and the seller as well as the buyer and the seller.

Since the launch, we are committed to help businesses from all over the world grow. We help people find different services both close to their location and worldwide.

Our team of professionals made this platform so If you are interested in Shopping Online, Financial Services, Investing, Tourism, Telecommunication Services, Health & Wellbeing Services, Education, Real Estate. Community Events, Tutors & Classes, and Jobs, Exibine is for you.

And our vision: To connect buyers to the seller and sellers to the buyer. To make this experience easy with user friendly features.


In this digital era of digitalization, Exibine objective is to an all-service hub for global business, that offers online shopping, financial services, investing and tourism.

Our motive is to help users with what they want easily and conveniently, so that it can be used every day and everywhere.

By combining different sectors at one place ultimate platform for the users and business to explore and bring different regions and cultural diversity to improve customer satisfaction.

Why was the initiative launched?

As earlier we were following issues such as it is becoming hard for sellers and buyers to always use web portal for the services so to reduce the number of steps and to solve this problem. We decided to develop a mobile application for the same.


We launched our mobile Application and website where the Exibine mobile app provides a powerful solution for businesses looking to manage their workflows across multiple departments and systems. The app’s seamless experience and out-of-the-box workflows make it easy for businesses to find answers and get work done in all departments through a single mobile app. The app’s ability to connect buyers and sellers for exchange makes it a valuable tool for businesses looking to grow and expand their operations.

An app to use everyday and everywhere made it all possible on with just few steps below:

  1. Register
  2. Start buy, Sell and advertising.