Changing Trends: App Analytics

Changing Trends: App Analytics

The usage of smartphone is getting high by each day and is becoming common practice in people lives. At professional level or at personal it is widely used practice to have smartphone to make things easy in business.

So the innovator is thinking in finding new solution in finding new ways to understand behavior of the new user and optimize their applications. Hence, app analytics plays a crucial role in playing gathering valuable insights in transforming the landscape of mobile app development and its strategies in marketing. In this article we are going to explore the changing trends.

1. More demand for Mobile App Analytics

With the increase in high end users of mobile phone users in various industries, competition in capturing and retaining the users became a problem. So in the response of finding its solution, the data driven approach was taken to improve user engagement , retention, and overall everything in terms of performance.

2. Emergence of app analytics tools

Several analytics tools were introduced with the increase in demand of app analytics. These tools helped developers to monitor user behavior and helped them to get insights in user interactions and use it to manage app performance .

Developers can use this tool directly into their app.

3. User experience(UX) and its uses

User experience is the main component in every development cycle . if user is happy the app is going to perform good. In 2016 it was a major concern in the industry since the evolution of platform user have little patience for poor and slow designed working apps. Heatmaps, session recording and journey were introduced as crucial steps allowing developers to pinpoint there mistakes.

4. Use of A/B Testing and its importance

A/B testing is also known as split testing is got its importance in 2016.
as developer wanted to improve various prospects of app such as layout , icon and designs. This app approach helped to refine the elements based one the user into making an improved app.

5. Use of app analytics in monetization

The companies or developer who wants revenue from app, app analytics offered them strategies for monetization of app. In 2016 it allowed them to track in app purchases, ads performances. This leads to more effective monetization approach and profits.

6. Real-time Analytics and its uses

In time decision making became important in fast-paced world of app building . real time analytics offered the instant solutions to fix bugs and enhance user experience in all real time

Hence, the year 2016 is the year for evolution of app development and app analytics and there is no doubts that these methods are going to evolve and will help the industry to more user oriented and in fast development of apps

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