Digital Marketing: Yes, You Are Right! Reconsider Your Way Of Marketing

Digital Marketing: Yes, You Are Right! Reconsider Your Way Of Marketing

Digital Marketing, as the name suggests it is the marketing that relies on electronic devices and in expansion, the internet.

Digital Marketing is the collection of activities that an individual does as an organisation or personal to attract customers, find new business opportunities, form relationships and create an identity for their brand.

Traditionally, Organisations use TVs, newspapers and radios for marketing. But after the introduction of internet and its gaining popularity, most of the users shifted to it and as to reach those users and get a larger audience, Companies also have to start their marketing to the internet.

This type of marketing uses websites, social media and search engines to promote your business to new customers by placing interactive ads. So, that any user can see that and can know about the organisation which provides the service that user wants.

The Importance of Digital Marketing

Nowadays, internet has become a basic necessity for any human being, almost every human on the planet have access to the internet. Especially, after the COVID-19 widespread even kids have an online presence.

After the widespread, people spend most of the time on their phones using internet and after the option to shop online and get the product delivered at their homes, the users spend more and more time online looking for products.

Those things state the way the internet has already changed how people shop makes digital marketing most crucial part of marketing.

Marketing is called successful when it reaches the right audience at the right time and right place. Now, people using social media more and more helps businesses to reach them by using digital marketing directly to their hands.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is one of the best marketing tools that are currently available. Benefits of digital marketing are:

1. Measurable

The most basic benefit of digital marketing is that we can track it. It is much easier to track the ad campaigns that are run by the organization as internet is full of numbers and algorithms. We can track real time leads and see the analytics of the ads we place.

2. Cost – Effective

Digital Marketing is much cheaper than traditional marketing methods. While many companies ask money to run ads on their platform, that is still much lower. So, small companies can also reach to a larger and targeted audience in low costs using digital marketing.

3. Target Audience

Using digital marketing companies can easily reach to their target audience. It can be as specific as they want as the companies like google collects their user data and give them personalized ads by analysing their behaviours. So

companies can reach the customers who are genuinely interested in getting that particular product or service.

4. Exposure

The most common doubt of traditional marketing is that if anyone would see it. But with billions of people present on the internet, there is no chance that people will not see it. Internet has the biggest and fastest reach to potential customers for businesses.

5. Customized messages

Another big advantage of digital marketing is that the businesses can customize their messages as they want to the public. Before this companies have to use the generic messages to spread in the public, but now they can easily customise them for a particular demographic such as age, gender and interests.

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