Solution of Mobile App Marketing Challenges

Solution of Mobile App Marketing Challenges

With the increasing number of smart phones and increasing number of mobile apps. the market is a racing ground where everyone wants a win. Hence, developers challenge numerous challenges as developing an app doesn’t guarantee the user engagement. Suppose an app is finished but without any marketing strategy there is no-way user is going to download it without knowing its benefits and features in so many available options.

So, to tackle this problem the mobile app marketing takes it place. In this article we are going to talk about its 3 main challenges and how to solve it.

• Challenge 1 (how make our app more visible and easier to discover)

As the number of apps increasing in volumes in their respective categories. The new apps find it difficult to reach out to its targeted audience. This is one of the biggest problems for the developer. The user installs those apps which are appeared in

the top of search box recommendation. so, it becomes difficult for marketer to ensure their app to come up top.

Solution: – The most common solution is to optimize the app for better visibility in play stores

App store optimization: App store optimization is optimization of title, keywords and images helps the app to be more discoverable.

Keywords optimization: Keywords optimization research for showing keywords used by users in search of relevant app or similar app to ours.
Then use it to get suggested.

High quality images – They are used to make the app more eye catching and informative so that the user can see its function just by looking at it.

• Challenge 2 (how to keep the users in app)

Having new users is important for app engagement but retaining the existing user is more crucial. if the user engagement is low for an app, then revenue will be less and there is considerable risk for the app to stop.

Solution: for keeping the existing user and to attract the new ones. one can go for the following steps:

  1. Giving them personalized experience based on the user experience on the app.
  2. Sending or pushing notification for events on the that can help engage with the user.
  3. Giving them social platform to share news and reviews or to interact with each other for the daily engagement.

• Challenge 3 (how to be ahead of the competition and survive it)

There is a huge competition in market where the variety of apps are available to the users to supply same experience.
So, to show its value to the targeted audience is a big task here. The bigger question is how your app differs in the market as compared to others.
Solution: following steps can be taken to show the potential audience about the importance of app:

  1. Finding specific problem and the solution that your app offers for it can be marketed to the audience.
  2. Understanding your audience needs and appeal and marketing the campaign around it will be more impactful on the audience.
  3. Collaboration is always an excellent choice a good collaboration with distinct brands and influencers is a clever  way of attracting the audience.
  4. Analyzing the competition in terms of strategy and weakness will help to refine the marketing approach.

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