7 ways social media can help you grow your app

7 ways social media can help you grow your app

In today’s modern world the social media has became an important part of our lives. It has become perfect too for developers to reach out their user base and to enhance the app visibility.

Each year, we spend more and more time than year before. as per reports in 2018 the usage of internet is 136 minutes per day, which is up from 135 daily.

With billions of active users all over the different platforms, it offers an incredible opportunity to reach vast audience and the promotion of app.

According to the latest survey – 41.53% of the people have found out about new apps through the ads on social media.

In this article we are going to talk about the different ways social media helps us grow our app.

1. To boost the app awareness and visibility.

Social media platforms are perfect stage to show an app unique feature and its benefits to the big audience. Through interesting post, good images, and engaging videos which can pique an interest of potential users.

In this targeting an audience can be a good strategy to target that specific audience one should tell how their app is going to solve a problem, uniqueness about the app, why should user use your app?

2. Engage with your audience.

Social media is a platform which as stage for directly interacting with the user responding to the question and answer, feedback and inquires, developer can foster connection with trust.

Engaging with the users does two things generates trusts and makes audience to be more loyal towards your app.

3. Contest and giveaways

Organizing contests and giveaways on social media to give small incentives as a prize to users after downloading and using our app.

By offering rewards and prizes which are relevant to our applications functions and also rules and regulation should be user friendly and should encourage engagement to the platform.

4. Using influencers to market

Collaborating with influencers or with bloggers in app industry.

Influencers have their loyal following base, and the endorsement can surely give significant app downloads and user engagement. The influencers can create content around the app by doing reviews, tutorial, and promotional content.

5. User generated content

By encouraging users to share their experiences about the app. This can include testimonial, reviews, images, and videos of users using the app.

User generated content adds authenticity to application promo and help to add new customers. User is your best advocates because they already using your product and they love it.

6. Paid advertisement

Social media offers advertisement for the targeted audience. Allowing us to reach specific user segments based on their interests, demographics behaviour, and user engagement history.

Advertisement of specific problem and its solution can be a good way to start.

7. Keeping Users updated with updates and news.

Using social media for direct communication channel to inform about the changes and incoming of new things on app such as app updates and its new releases.

Regularly sharing news and updates can keep your audience engaged and excited about the new app features also it’s a great way for gathering valuable feedback from the users, to help the developers in refining it further.

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