Emerging Trends of Messaging Apps

Emerging Trends of Messaging Apps

Messaging Apps in today’s world have become a huge success. Nowadays, people like communicating on messaging applications rather than text message. And why not, messaging apps are also free to communicate. The charges of the messages come under the data plan we take. So, there’s not a big difference between the both but people like using messaging apps as it is bit more fun with all the attachments, Gif’s and stickers that you can use. Here are some emerging trends of Messaging Apps-

• Huge Traffic
As compared to previous years, the messaging apps have taken a upper place in the social media world. The new generation finds these apps more convenient to use as there are a lot of features that they can use. Today’s generation likes to express themselves in a different form by using emoticons on the chats so that the person they are communicating with can understand what they are

feeling. These apps are more fun as you can share pictures, videos, Gif’s, stickers and what not. Moreover, whenever you are missing your loved ones you can video call or voice call them. For all of the features I have mentioned before we used to go to different apps but now due to these messaging apps all of these features can be used at one place.

• New Phase of Messaging Apps
Before Messaging Apps were only used for chatting with friends, colleagues and watching different types of content. But now, Messaging Apps have evolved according to the new era. Before Brands used to do their promotions on social media via ads but now they have included messaging apps in their promotions by chatting one on one with potential customers and promoting their brand. Messaging apps have changed themselves, not only a user can chat, share images, do video calls but also it has become significant to brands, developers and big companies.

Let’s take an example of WhatsApp, There is major junk of population who use this app. Not only it’s used for chatting with your loved ones but also you can promote your brand by creating groups with the potential customers. As well as there is WhatsApp pay where you will be able to link the app with your bank account and transfer money whenever you want to from anywhere in the world. This concept was first launched in LINE as LinePay.

• Promotions on Messaging Apps
Messaging App like LINE have their own stickers where the user while communicating could send the stickers to their loved ones. Now, These stickers were a huge success as these used to be fun, so here comes the marketing strategy to promote the brands or movies on LINE. There are stickers of your favourite actors, movies, TV shows. If there’s an upcoming movie then the stickers of that movie are also available. All of this to promote the brands. Some of these stickers are free and some are paid.

• Customer Service on Messaging AppsWeChat is one such app that can be an excellent example for customer services. In China, it is used to book bus or train rides, to order food and what not. There’s a hotel Las Vegas which has collaborated with the app to provide best customer services to their customers. The customers can control the lightings, ac, fan speed and a lot of things by just using WeChat app. They are planning to bring payment methods on the app itself for customer’s convenience.

Others brands are also considering doing the same for themselves to reach out to more potential customers.

• Making Texts more fun
Most of the young generation wants to customize their emojis and texts. They want variety of styles in their texts and emojis. They want the texts should make different sounds or while they are typing and sending the messages or getting notified, different kinds of sounds should be there. The concept of users making their own Avatars to make the messaging apps more fun is also being considered.


Messaging Apps have huge users as there is low data rates and also have become a source for supporting other services. In near future, a lot more changes and evolving of these apps will be done which will make it more successful and user lovable. Not only users will be able to earn from this platform but also it is a big opportunity for Mobile App Developers.

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