Footprints During Pandemic Covid-19

Footprints During Pandemic Covid-19

In mankind’s history, covid-19 is one of the deadliest plagues where more than 80 percent of the human population is affected by it. It is a main reason of disruption of the daily lives of common people, so lockdown was one of the only solutions that came to mind at the time . The footprints refer to the impact which humans have on the environment, so the precaution taken by implementing lockdown and social distancing has a significant effect on the environment. In this article, we are gonna talk about some of these footprints.

1. Reduction in carbon emission and increase in air quality With the decrease in traveling and transportation of vehicles and air traveling, a significant amount of carbon emission was controlled and the quality of air was improved. With the improvement in air quality, the people with breathing problems found it more convenient.

2. Reduction in pollution With the closing of industries, there was a significant decrease in pollution of AIR and water bodies. especially the urban areas where a significant amount of changes is being observed.

3. Reduction in waste generation Due to the bantravelingling and lockdown, waste generation from tourism and restaurants /cafes was down significantly because the less tourist and the use of bio-degradable polythene made this possible.

4. Usage of Water and its consumption Due to the closing of industries, the water consumption is reduced but the water consumption in households was increased for the maintenance of personal hygiene and for mainly sanitization. it made everyone worried about water scarcity in rural areas.

5. E-waste and digital footprint management Due to the closing of all the shops and industries people adopted the concept of virtual working and the uses of digital things are used mainly which raised the concern for digital waste and digital traffic. hence a more efficient way of management was introduced for this particular segment Hence the covid has left us with many unpleasant memories and struggles in our lives but the footprint which it went on the environment. some expert says it helped the environment heal itself and saved the wildlife

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