Top 10 Digital Marketing Agencies

Top 10 Digital Marketing Agencies

Digital Marketing Agencies are the organisations that help businesses in developing their online market presence. They have one of a kind skill set that helps increasing overall market performance. Here are World’s Top 10 Digital Marketing Agencies –

1. Porter Novelli

Porter Novelli is a New York based agency famous for their communication consultancy all over the world. Their aim is to do purpose driven marketing. ALS Association hired Porter Novelli to spread disease awareness on social media through Ice Bucket Challenge and they raised around $200 Million. Their clients are well known brands like 7UP, McDonald’s, Disney, Timberland and many more.

2. Cuker Agency

Cuker is a California based agency which is a living proof that you don’t have to be a big agency to make noise. Their most famous campaign was Redbull Gives You Wings which went viral and have 8 million views. Other brands that have worked with them are Nike, Vans, Sony.

3. Leo Burnett

Leo Burnett is Chicago based agency whose foothold was advertising but with changing times they eventually had to adapt to new offerings. They are one of the biggest Digital Marketing Agencies specializing in advertising, marketing and branding. Their most famous campaign was with ‘Always’ and was also appreciated by then First Lady of United States, Michelle Obama. Their other clients are Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Samsung.

4. Carat

Carat is a London based agency who considers itself as world’s first media agency. They are also ranked as number 1 agency for the sixth year consequently, in 2021 by RECMA. Their well known clients are Vodaphone, Mastercard, Philips, Kellogg’s.

5. Spark Foundry

Spark Foundry is a New York based agency whose roots are of advertising agency but now has evolved and made itself a digital marketing agency. It is a start-up supported by it’s parent organisation, Publicis Media. They are specialized in digital, social, research and data analytics. They have more than 3000 employees across the world. When Facebook rebranded as Meta, they picked Spark Foundry as their partner to support them in connecting with their audience. Their clients are KFC, Taco Bell, National Geographic.

6. Wieden+Kennedy (W+K)

Wieden+Kennedy is a Portland, Oregon based agency who have 8 offices and 1400 employees across the world. They specialize in digital marketing, advertising, design and technology. Their most famous client is Nike, the campaign of Unity went viral in lockdown and after that also and got millions of views on the video. Their other clients are Netflix, Old Spice, BudLight.

7. Twitter ArtHouse

Twitter ArtHouse is a New York based agency who is not an advertising agency. They have not shifted themselves to digital. Twitter launched Twitter ArtHouse who helps brand creating

content and connect them with influencers. They do not disclose their client’s information. During covid, they came up with a campaign where they named small businesses in UK who were suffering from covid.

8. Grey Group

Grey Group is a New York based agency, which is one of the most known advertising and marketing organisation. They have 96 branches and 2400 employees across the world. Their popular clients are Nokia, Volkswagen, Canon.

9. TBWA\Media Arts Lab

Their agency is based in LA, California. The surprising thing about them is that they have only one client “Apple”. They helped Apple launching their first home computer and after that they were hired as Apple’s marketing agency. They focus on website design, performance marketing, PR, social media production and marketing strategy.

10. LOLA MullenLowe

LOLA is a Madrid, Spain based agency who is reported as Top 10 European Agencies. They claim to be most creative agency in Spain and their focus is to put people first. Their most famous campaign is “It’s On Us” with Dove. Their other client’s are Uber Eats, Burger King, Jack Daniel’s.

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