15 Growth Hacking Strategy for SaaS Startups in 2019

15 Growth Hacking Strategy for SaaS Startups in 2019

“Growth hacking” is a phrase that makes us think about computer hackers in dark rooms, surrounded by big multiple monitors, clicking their way to infinite wealth. Hacking has always been a mystery, and growth hacking is no different.

What is Growth Hacking?

“Growth hacking” started its journey by becoming more than a lingo. Not many could understand what it was, and a lot less knew how to implement it, but it sounded pretty quick when incorporated into a pitch deck.

The growth hacking methodology is proven that, if executed successfully, results in faster growth at a minimal cost.

Does Growth Hacking Work for SaaS Companies?

Growth hacking is important for SaaS companies, as they already have a small consumer base that can profit from their service. Customer

acquisition is important, but you can’t force it outside your scope to buy a service they don’t need. What they can do is shift their focus in retaining and monetizing the clients who do fit the requirements.

B2B SaaS growth hack strategies

Some actionable growth hacks for B2B SaaS companies are:

1. Improving social presence:

Social presence is a powerful tool for building trust and validity. Use customer endorsement, case studies, and reviews on website, social media, and email marketing to showcase the success of your service and company.

2. Referral programs:

Word-of-mouth is one of the most remarkable types of promoting. Urge your existing clients to refer their friends and associates by offering discounts.

3. Using videos:

Video is a great way to engage with customers and showcase features and benefits of our company. Use tutorial videos, demo videos, and customer success stories on our website and social media to get more engagement from potential clients.

4. Attending conferences:

Attend events and conferences related to network with potential customers and partners. This can help in building relationships, generating leads, and improved brand appearance.

5. Collaborating with other companies:

Collaborating with other companies can help business to reach new customers and generate more leads. Look for complementary businesses to collaborate with, and explore cross-promotion opportunities.

6. Build a strong content strategy:

Content marketing could be a useful tool for building brand appearance and increasing traffic to the website. Using a mix of blog posts, eBooks, and webinars to aware your potential customers about the expertise of company.

7. Listing Brand on Startup Directories:

Consumers are enthusiasts these days, and while many of them are keen to support startups and new SaaS companies, they aren’t too excited on doing that without checking the company’s legitimacy, watching reviews, and making an informed decision.

8. Optimizing website:

Company’s website is the first impression for the customers. It should be optimized for messaging, with easy navigation, and a clean UI design.

9. Influencer Marketing:

Nowadays, Influencers are booming and have the most followers and engagement. So, potential customers are most likely to be following one of them and they could be aware of company by their favourite influencer will draw them towards us.

10. UsingFAQs:

FAQs plays a vital role in improving rank in search engines, and most of the time, they help audience to have a deep knowledge of your work.

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