How To Change Your Movie Watching Habits – Theatres Are Passe

How To Change Your Movie Watching Habits – Theatres Are Passe

Theaters were one of the most popular sources of entertainment back in the day. Originated in the 5th Century in Greece. But with the rise of streaming platforms, the theater industry has been on a decline for quite some time now. This is the era of streaming platforms, video-on-demand and it has changed how we consume cinematic content. Theaters are still one of the most classic ways of consuming acting drama but with time we have to change how we consume our content, in the following points, we will discuss how we can change our movie-watching habits according to the present scenario.

  1. Streaming services: The rise of streaming platforms has completely changed the way we access movies. Platforms like Netflix, Prime Videos, Hulu, Disney+, and many more have taken over the world of cinematic content. Embracing these platforms and exploring them as they offer a very diverse catalog of various genres, eras and countries is very important to accustom ourselves to change. These platforms have a specialty of making their own content as well i.e., original content which lets us explore a totally new way of storytelling.
  2. Movie Nights: Organizing a movie night where your friends and family can get together and watch the movie all at once will make the experience even more fun. After it ends, you all can discuss your thoughts afterward. If it’s not possible to come together all at one place, devices have some new features in which you can orgainze the watch party online creating a shared experience for all.
  3. Home theaters: People who have the resources and space too change it into a home theater or cinema with a projector or a big TV, a good sound system, and some comfortable seats. This lets us to experience the cinema at the comfort of our own home. It comes with its own perks like pause at any time, rewind or fast forward to any scene that you may like. It may not be as good as the theater hall itself but it matches the experience at some of its level.
  4. Film Festivals: Many film festivals have adapted to the digital age, offering online screenings of curated films. Participate in virtual film festivals to access a diverse selection of independent and international movies. These events almost always include a live Q&A session with the producers, actors and the director of the movie which allows us to interact with them one on one and lets us get more insight about the movie making process.
  5. Classic cinemas: In almost every corner of the world there are a number of old skool classic cinemas who are famous for something of their own, an event or something of this sort. Visiting and experiencing them is another way of elevating your movie watching experience. Drive-ins are a very old concept of cinema and at some places it is still running.

Theaters are more of a nostalgic figure nowadays, so we have to change our habits and adapt to the movie-watching habits of the digital era. The above mentioned habits can be a pretty good alternative to the classic theaters. Embrace and implement these changes to enhance your movie watching experience.

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