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November 2021

Top Mobile App Development Companies – What do you need to know about outsourcing?

                      What do you need to know about outsourcing Top Mobile App Development Companies Many web apps have begun as small projects but then transformed into large companies. The number one reason for their success is delivering their increasing number of technical tasks to web development outsourcing companies. What advantages of software outsourcing have attracted the owners of successful web app businesses? These are the five core benefits of outsourcing web...

The best 8 free and open source Bug tracking Software Solutions

                     The best 8 free and open source Bug tracking Software Solutions Every IT company is familiar with the software bug which is an error, failure or fault that turn out to be incorrect or unexpected outcome. Something which is not working as designed is known as a bug. These bugs are inevitable in developing software. Even if you come across one bug then often there are more issues that bugs...

January 2021

Tik Tok Application Banned in India

Google and Apple have removed Chinese internet firm Bytedance’s social media app TikTok from the Play Store and App Store following directions of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology to do so, after an order by the Madras High Court on April 3 to prohibit its downloads. The popular app used by teengers for creation and sharing of short videos was available on application stores of both Google and Apple until Tuesday evening, but is no longer available for downloads on...

TikTok Lifts Ban On India

An Indian state court moved to lift a nationwide ban on the popular short-form video app TikTok. A nearly week-long ban in India on the app is now reversed, lawyers involved in the case told Reuters on Wednesday. Google and Apple removed the app from its stores in India last week after a high court in Tamil Nadu called for its removal, saying it was exposing children to sexual predators and pornography. The ban in India was a major setback...


Utility Development

Utility Application Solution is the software solution those help to increase the utility of a device. These are the applications that provide security to the user’s device from viruses and malware. The user can choose application according to his/her requirement.  Utility development is a small program which provides an addition to the capabilities provided by the operating system.Use of utility application software depends upon; task and form of device. There are lots of areas where these applications are using...

July 2019


Samsung Launches Bixby Marketplace

Bixby Marketplace Samsung Launches Bixby Marketplace:- "The Bixby Marketplace is a one-stop shop for users to browse and add a wide range of services (known as capsules) to enhance their Bixby experience," Samsung excitedly announced on Monday(Samsung Launches Bixby Marketplace). . As with everything Bixby, however, it feels like a budget version of what already exists on the market. The approach is based on Amazon's Alexa skills program – where third parties can write apps that interact with its digital assistant But...

June 2019


Apple iOS 13

For years, Apple iOS13 has overlooked the power of these contacts, designing its operating systems around apps rather than the social connections of the people who use them. But yesterday, at Apple’s (WWDC), Apple release a series of new changes for its upcoming Apple iOS 13  system that put users and their existing social networks at the center of the Apple eco system of apps and services. It’s an enticing vision of software for a post-Facebook era. Apple release their new version...

May 2019


Google 2019

Google 2019 I/O Developers Conference, the event where the tech giant reveals its new products, services and discusses what new they are bringing out for the Android app developers and users, kicked off at Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View, California on May 7th, 2019. However, the third beta, unlike the first two beta versions, will not be limited to Pixel devices. Firstly, it will be installable on 21 different smartphones from 12 distinct OEMs and Secondly, will offer us...