Apple iOS 13


Apple iOS 13

For years, Apple iOS13 has overlooked the power of these contacts, designing its operating systems around apps rather than the social connections of the people who use them. But yesterday, at Apple’s (WWDC), Apple release a series of new changes for its upcoming Apple iOS 13  system that put users and their existing social networks at the center of the Apple eco system of apps and services. It’s an enticing vision of software for a post-Facebook era. Apple release their new version of iOS 13 in June. People are eagerly wait for this & now they want to know what’s new in iOS 13.

whats’s new in ios 13?

Take the new Notes. In Apple iOS 13, you’ll still be able to make a  To-Do list. But since Notes knows your contacts, now you can add people inside the app to tag them (it seems to work much like tagging on Facebook & Notes will send an iMessage to the tagged friend). Tagging allows you to arrange  a call for a meeting in a To-Do list. Then, iMessages will send the tagged person a reminder 10 minutes before that meeting. In this sense,  Apple iOS 13 isn’t organized by apps, it’s organized by your contacts. Your relationship, and plans with someone, are dictating how the OS responds and linking one app to any other. There are new controls for your place sharing apps so you can better to have  privacy. You can allow apps to access your location one time only, and Apple will give more notice when apps are using your place in the background. iOS 13 is comes with new features & many others changes in it. We can’t wait for it. Many new changes are adding in the iOS 13 that help to keep your life private with you & your friends.


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