Ziqqi- E-Commerce Application

ziqqiE-Commerce Application Development 

About six months into this development business, the founder decided to share the storms,
challenges, approach, documentation of the application that we had made & how the startup is
expand during the time he wants to bring abundant inspiration to motivate you to get started.
During the application development his main challenges were:
Time commitment: Business that priest the great accessory products, as owner spends a huge
time priesting and selective pieces that are great in style, quality, value and convenience.
Managing and preserving strong relationships with suppliers: As a Startup, the owner has to
directly influence his suppliers, ask for details, arrange his orders, do different follow-ups and
make decisions all by himself.

Ziqqi is an e-commerce application inspired by ziqqi website, As in
Somaliland there is no e-commerce application in working, inspired
by this, peoples who always stays on the point of new trends.


Ziqqi Development

Solutions Used:

As it is mentioned, his biggest challenges were the time and the achievement he needed to
individually use application and increase visitors to his website & application especially in
Somaliland and in Hargeisa where no e-commerce application has used before ziqqi.

Challenge :

The client was looking to launch an e-commerce application on any device in IOS & Android to help
customers to get up-to-date with the latest trends, receive special offers & discounts coupons
and would help them to shop the latest collection of any categories in Somaliland, where there is
no e-commerce application using the payment gateways like Zaad & Edahab. The client wished to
build an application that would be an effective marketing tool as well as interactive UI/UX
designs, interactive & creative features like drag and drop, layered scroll, interactive categories
& subcategories to work with the ease in differents IOS & Android devices. It is a big challenge
for clients too, to launch an e-commerce application where people never used before an eCommerce application before ziqqi with the new interfaces.

Approach :

While matching the designs & functionality of the website with the mobile, there were other
challenges covered. We worked on every challenge to our best to fulfill the client’s every
requirement that the client is expecting.
The mobile commerce should lead the client to:
§ Enhance the experience & ease of doing shopping
§ Integrated Zaad & Edahab payment.
§ Faster & easier to use than a website.
§ Highlight brand identity.
The application is developed in a short period of time met all client’s requirements & expectations
as similar to the website. Now the client can offer customers to use and do the shopping and go with
the latest trends.

Result :

Ziqqi is an IOS & Android application with interactive and personalized UI / UX designs, as
similar to the ziqqi website in Somaliland and in Hargeisa city where people are unaware of this
and this application is a new invention for them that was a big challenge that people can do
shopping wit zaad & edahab payment gateway. Having optimized checkout and providing the best
buyer experience to the customers.