Voice Integration

Voice Integration gives you with all the options and savings area of Digital Voice where as keeping your analog instrument. Whether your company presently trust on ancient POTS lines, VoIP ability, Ajath can meet you where ever you’re and supply you with a road map for involve to technology that integrates seamlessly together with your en and goals.

We at Ajath are with success operating towards desegregation devices e.g. Alexa for dominant numerous home automation kits.

At Possibly mobile development we have a proper  team of design and development of voice integration because we will ensure that your voice integration skills will remains on brand . We believe voice should be natural, simple .

As per Gartner, by 2018, half-hour of all interaction with technology can happen through spoken language. Also, overall five hundred of the searches are going to be voice searches by 2020. Voice technology has make a good growth  within the last thirty months.

There are 3 kinds of informal user experiences:

1. Voice Apps
2. Chatbot
3. SMS bot

Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Siri,  Apple Home Kit, Samsung Smart Things are a number of the favored platforms that are redefining voice-driven interactions for mobile and IoT solutions. IOT gives us the solutions for many things like smart home, office, etc. Using IOT in voice integration help to reach the goal.

Almost every one uses mobile apps & it help us in many ways. Using IOT in mobile apps help us to control things easily because you can control things with your mobile or also with your voice like Alexa you can command Alexa to do the things & they do. Finally IOT help us & give us a easy life. you can easily integrate your voice in theses smart tools using your mobile app & enjoy it. They can tell you story, song, rhymes, gives you info, newsfeed, cricket  & many more.