Smart Garden Solution

IOT is the future of mobile apps. Everything can easily control using IOT just one click of your mobile apps. Let’s find what can be the smart garden solutions which will improve our garden smartly.

The Smart Gardens are fastidious outlined, self-growing indoor garden that remodels how pure food is grown. Our NASA urged Smart Soil executes sure plants get the optimal arrangement of water, oxygen, and nutrients, while special LED grows lights render your plants with the energy they need to flourish.

how iot help you garden to make smart?

Garden is an elemental part of any house. Sustaining it at its best is a big task especially while every one of us is so diligent! A smart garden notion can help you. A smart sprinkler system can preserve up to 50% on your outdoor water bills. You can schedule watering through the mobile app from anywhere. You can also start/stop watering remotely.

The smart garden hub can detect pipe leaks and breaks, and work with your home automation devices – Amazon Alexa, Google Home, IFTTT, Apple Watch, Nest, Netatmo and much more.Uses garden sensors to estimate weather prognosis and water only when required. Sends notifications and water preservation statements. Once can schedule watering through the app.

IOT for mobile apps

Ajath can help to design such a solution. Once you identify the hardware we can help you acquire the firmware within it and also the complete mobile app and the cloud hosting of the APIs. The operation will use the home WiFi. Using IOT for your garden help you to save water & gives you the notification about the growth of the plants. IOT helps to control your home, kitchen, & also your garden & gives you the smart way of living & also help your garden to maintain in easy way by using a mobile app.