School and parent mobile app developemnt

Ajath Infotech mobile app development made solutions are the most appreciated school management software with mobile apps for students and parents apps,  teachers, and management. This cloud-based online ERP ensures smooth functioning of the day-to-day school operations like exams, education, and attendance, whereas this tool enables parent-school interaction in an instant manner bridging all the possible communication gaps. The software is accepted by all our clients, ensuring scalability and robustness.

The software provides different roles and responsibilities for different categories such as:

FOR School and Parent app:

Admission Management

Systematic computerized and transparent admission process with student documentation and fee collection on a single app.

Fees Management

Schedule session-wise fees, setup penalties & waivers, automatic due fees reminders, payment from app, website & in school, dashboard & MIS with the integration of payment gateway.

Communication, Control

Control which staff member can communicate with which class, get reports of all messages in any format exchanged, and allow parents to exchange messages with teachers.

Student tracking

The bus will have a GPS which can be traced by the application.

School Branding

Promote your school brand through your very own school app. Let parents, students and teachers are your brand ambassador.

Multi-Branch/Franchise Management

If you have multiple branches or franchisees, control and monitor operations and data of all branches on the single platform. Also, you can connect over to those who want to buy the franchise.

for School and parent app:

Attendance Management

Teachers can take attendance directly on their app and upload it to the centralized server. Leave approval and real-time update sent to parents on their app.

Exam-Result Management

Create custom exam patterns, schedule exams, publish results and print customized report cards for different classes.

Transport Management

The school can also track the bus location and the delays.

Timetable Management

Publish time-tables for classes and teachers visible to them on their apps. Any changes done on the app will reflect on the app.

Fees Collection

Schedule reminders, and allow collection via app and web in addition to fees, and collection counters on school premises. Send receipts on the app.

Library Management

Library management system where Students and Teachers can check book availability from their app, pay overdue fees and more. The student can also view the available books on the app.