Photo and video application solutions

Photo and video application solutionsCreating a photo and video mobile app is a great way to add a new dimension to your business or to create an entirely new income source. And Thats where we come into picture.

Technical specifications for photo & video app in  Android

There is no such framework in Android that supports the concept of photo & video editing apps. The app developers can go for adding third-party API for making the applications, but for making the best video editing app, you just need to find out the right team of developers.

However, the Google tried to resolve it, but the solutions and the framework launched by it didn’t sustain for longer time. Eventually, the app developers can use ffmpeg framework for developing Android-based video editing app along with some native API’s.

Top examples of Android photo & video editing apps are VivaVideo and PowerDirector.

The rise in demand for video editing and sharing application, video editing application development has become quite an interesting thing now a days. Ever since the smartphones have become capable enough to record, edit and share with its smaller screens the percentage of online video viewers have grown significantly well. The video editing application industry has been around for a while now and a huge number of people is now looking for video editing solutions through a mobile video editing app to record, edit and share videos.

Monetization  in photo & video app-:

All the marketing and the promotional activities are managed under the Monetization. The users can purchase the different  plans so as to avail the advanced video editing packages. This is a great way of attracting the users and at the same time also allows the app owner to make the money.

Certainly developing a trendsetting video editor app is quite a tedious task; hence before you jump into the development or the initial stage, a huge amount of brainstorming is required. But in case you have an app idea running the mind, probably you might get a seat in among the competitors existing out there, as this idea if full of adventures and is all about innovation.