Pet Tracker Solution

Pet Tracker SolutionPet tracker Solution can benefit pet owners to track their dogs if they are likely to running away. Most people have a tale of a dog in their past who was a Houdini that dugout, climbed fences or broke leashes on a regular basis. With the advanced wireless technology, some companies are proposing “peace of mind” via tracking collars for wandering Spot.

IoT can bring great respite. With pendent shape tracker which can be tied up in the dog’s neck and n mobile app, your dog can be tracked wherever he is out. You can also define Geo fencing so that whenever a dog is outside that range you will get an alert. These pet tracker solution can be equipped with a microphone or camera to get a feel of his surrounding areas.


Ajath can help in design & developing the firmware part of the tracker and also the mobile app. The communication medium will be a cellular network. Pet plays an essential part in our life. Their well beings & safety is evenly important for us. While playing outdoor we need to keep a consistent eye on them.