Occupancy Sensors

Occupancy Sensors

An occupancy sensor is an indoor motion detecting device used to detect the presence of a person to automatically control lights or temperature. PIR sensors detect the presence of objects used in it due to this reason it helps to detect the person through their presence. Occupancy sensors help to detect the problem & also gives you the best way to get rid out of the problem. They control the door lock, control temperature, turn off AC, Light, Fan.

IOT is the future of mobile apps by using the mobile app you can control your home , kitchen & many more. Hence It makes to  control the whole home using the sensor through mobile apps.

PIR sensor based occupancy detector and inspecting in the mobile app is very beneficial in our day to day living:
  • Washroom occupancy
  • Track a person at their location
  • A person/child is in his bed or not
  • Remote monitoring of a person occupying
  • Intruder detection and alarm
  • Employees are at their cubicle is or not

Ajath occupancy sensor based solution can solve these following challenges:

  • Real-time availability of area, a room in the app
  • Intruder detection
  • Workforce executives
  • Remote monitoring of aging people

IOT in the very important in this era. Mobile apps make everything possible or easy above all the statements, IOT is playing a very big role to make things automatic. You can control your home with mobile apps, because sensors are there in the app they detect the problem & gives you a notification, help to make your work hassle free, control your home when you are at the office, sensors are also detecting the objects, In conclusion the occupancy sensor make you free & gives you the best way of living.

The sensors used in these apps help to detect the object presence in a area & if there is nobody in the room, then the sensors turn off the lights, lock door, off the AC, turn off TV by owner. Therefore, occupancy sensors work with the motion of the objects.