Logistics Management

Logistics ManagementLogistics Management means having the right information, at the right position and at the right moment.

This is the process of preparing, executing and managing the efficient flow of raw materials, work-in-progress and finished goods and similar information from point of origin to point of consumption; with a view to implementing ease to the customer.


Logistics management includes various elements, including:

  • Deciding suitable vendors with the ability to provide transport facilities
  • Selecting the most efficient paths for transportation
  • Exploring the most competitive delivery method
  • Using software and IT resources to proficiently manage related methods


Logistics management is significant for the following reasons:

  1. Cost Minimization and Profit Maximization
  2. Effective Flow of Manufacturing Operations
  • Competitive Edge
  1. Efficient Communication System
  2. Sound Record Management


Tips for Logistics Management & Network Optimization:

  • Proper Preparation
  • Adopt Automation
  • Value Connections
  • Warehouse Management
  • Effective Transportation
  • Measure and Improvise


Here’s some Logistics management software:


  1. BluJay TMS-Transportation management tool that implements logistics service by deployment models and quantity chain.


  1. Real-Time Freight – Equates large shippers, sellers, and brokers, and lets them share time-sensitive delivery information.



  1. SAP Business- ByDesign-On-demand business solution invented to unify and streamline core marketing operations for midsize businesses.


  1. MyRouteOnline-Route optimization solution that can transform addresses from an Excel file into a route plan to be received via mobile or GPS.


  1. Synapse-Automated warehouse management system (WMS) designed to drive preferred performance in supply chain execution.


  1. VIPparcel-It intended to drive preferred performance in quantity chain execution.


  1. The sysytem is for companies to automate their operations. Specialties include Last Mile transportation & Field Force authority


  1. WIN-Carrier management and transportation optimization solution that helps recognize best couriers for your freight and track their achievement.


  1. Last Mile-A last-mile logistics solution for bulky goods in North America.