Job Finder Software Development Company

We provide solutions for the companies that fill the gap between Recruiters and Candidates. The On-demand solution we facilitate will reduce all the communication barriers between both sides.

The Key features it provides:

  • FEEDBACK: Candidates may provide feedback to the recruiters as well as the job portal app, helping you improve your services & app quality.
  • JOB COURSES: The job portal app provides access to advanced courses and learning material relevant to the candidates & job requirements.
  • INDEXING THE UPLOADED DOCUMENTS: Candidates and recruiters may access the documents uploaded, like resumes, job descriptions & questionnaires in the job alert app.
  • GLOBAL SEARCH: This search of job apps for android allows candidates and recruiters to search for the right jobs, companies, and applicants, by providing necessary inputs.
  • IM CHAT: Candidates and recruiters may communicate with each other directly from the job apps for iPhone & Android.
  • VOICE CALLS: Recruiters and candidates can make voice calls directly from the app by using the calling facility on the phone or the job posting app.
  • RESUME HIGHLIGHTING: Candidates may choose subscription plans to highlight their job-seeking apps & resume to increase their chances of getting hired by just paying some nominal charges.
  • PROFILE MANAGER:¬†Candidates and recruiters can manage their profiles easily, by providing necessary and advanced details in the job search apps.

Our job search applications come with the most advanced features, dashboards, and management tools.


  • Sign Up/ Login.
  • Resume Writing.
  • Upload Resume.
  • Send Resume.
  • Job Search (Expertise, Location, Keyword Search etc.).
  • Job Alert Service.
  • Book Mark Jobs.
  • Sign Up/ Login.
  • Job Posting.
  • Job Editing.
  • Job Invites.
  • Email Jobs.
  • Resume search the database.
  • Resume Download.
  • Payment Plans & Options.

Admin Panel INCLUDES

  • Manage Job Ads.
  • Employer Profile Manager.
  • Candidate Profile.
  • Role Management.
  • Package Management.
  • Job Seeker & Employee Statistic.
  • Content Management System.
  • Reports Manager.